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David Stanley

David Stanley's empirical use of colour and form becomes the very substance and structure of his paintings rather than an illustration of it. Extending far beyond their surface beauty, his paintings immerse us into landscapes of intense colour and light.
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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a printmaker specialising in silk screen. Through the process of layering coloured shapes and painterly marks, Andrew combines warm yellows and oranges with cooling blues and turquoises. Andrew completed this series of prints as part of a major screen-print project, 'The Surface of Colour', culminating in a major solo exhibition in Wales, UK. As in all of Andrew's work the surface light is a crucial element in the colour language. Whatever media he uses there is a simple purity of finish which exploits the quality and meaning of the material he is using.
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Wendy Somerset-Jones

Wendy Somerset-Jones initially works from drawings. The drawings evolve from being concerned with the tangible and begin to examine shapes within a defined space. Each painting then takes on a life of it’s own, exploring the transient nature and balance of shapes, forms and the energised space around them.
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Mariana Szulman

Mariana Szulman’s paintings are refreshingly vibrant, colourful and full of life. Containing a wonderful, childlike energy and excitement, Mariana’s drawings and paintings reflect her pure sense of joy and delight in colour and form.
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Sarah Simpson

Sarah Simpson's latest series of abstract works are as complex, yet simultaneously as simple as the sublime beauty found in nature. Playing out a battle with paint results in a labyrinth of marks, some ugly; some beautiful, the colour and form working together to form a dialogue. Sarah Simpson's beautiful images emerge from the pure act of painting.
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Judith Sinclaire

Judith Sinclair has been a practising artist for over twenty years. Finding inspiration in the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950's, Judith studies the work of artists such as, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko Kandinsky and Miro. More recently she has been focusing on Chinese and Japanese art, taking inspiration from its delicacy and accuracy of line and form. "My painting starts with seeing and absorbing. I use a restricted palette, which hopefully resonates with my visceral self. Any invention comes from within and if I am lucky a kind of alchemy happens… The aim is to achieve simplicity, a clarity out of a complex process in the context of the twenty-first century". Judith lives and works in London. Her paintings have been exhibited across Europe and her commissions are held in numerous private collections.
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John Swarbrick

Swarbrick's compositions have a fresh melodic sense of harmony to them. His compositions rely on his intuitive sense of timing, spontaneity and freshness of each 'performance'.
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Julia Sutton

Julia Sutton is an East Anglian artist, who has spent much of her life working in continental Europe. Julia's craftsmanship combined with her awareness of international art trends - gained over a decade in Paris, inform her art. The works exhibited on LondonArt are a carefully chosen selection of paintings, prints, and mixed media assemblage's, all of which were completed in her studio overlooking Lowestoft Harbour.
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Lars Schotzau

Lars’s exquisite photographs and striking oil paintings - as his titles describe, echo the sense of beauty found in the human form and spirit.
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Tate Sisters

Emeline and Claudia Tate are sisters and artists. As siblings, they exert a constant influence on each other whilst developing their art. They give one another a steady stream of both inspiration and constructive criticism. They use bold colours, images and text to express ideas - which are inspired by things seen and personal experiences. Materials such as canvas, denim, plastic and wood, provide a starting point. Paint is then applied in blocks, or stencilled.
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