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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is a printmaker specialising in silk screen. Through the process of layering coloured shapes and painterly marks, Andrew combines warm yellows and oranges with cooling blues and turquoises. Andrew completed this series of prints as part of a major screen-print project, 'The Surface of Colour', culminating in a major solo exhibition in Wales, UK. As in all of Andrew's work the surface light is a crucial element in the colour language. Whatever media he uses there is a simple purity of finish which exploits the quality and meaning of the material he is using.
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Ruth  Piper

Ruth Piper had an early career as a fashion designer. But her natural inclination towards fine art meant she became less involved in fashion and more focused on painting. She has exhibited in the UK and abroad and in 2003 completed an MA in painting at Wimbledon School of Art.
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Wendy Somerset-Jones

Wendy Somerset-Jones initially works from drawings. The drawings evolve from being concerned with the tangible and begin to examine shapes within a defined space. Each painting then takes on a life of it’s own, exploring the transient nature and balance of shapes, forms and the energised space around them.
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Jenny Brookman

Brookman's paintings allow the viewer to merge in to a 'field of vision' that frees the mind of objects, interruptions and daily cares. Similar to the experience of staring out to sea or the feeling of the warmth of the sun.
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Mariana Szulman

Mariana Szulman’s paintings are refreshingly vibrant, colourful and full of life. Containing a wonderful, childlike energy and excitement, Mariana’s drawings and paintings reflect her pure sense of joy and delight in colour and form.
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Veerle Depelchin

With an acute sense of instinct for both colour and form, Veerle Depelchin's use of fluid linear line creates a sensual flux between form and structure. Sinuous veins of creams, whites and greys intertwine with rich, blood reds, deep blacks and tainted yellows, forming a landscape which seems internally human. Veerle Depelchin's paintings emerge from the physical act of painting… "For me this process should be an unconscious experience… It should come from the gut, from the heart, from somewhere far in my mind." Born in Antwerp, Belgium in the late sixties this is the first time her paintings have been on public display.
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Katherine  Lubar

Lubar's glowing effervescent paintings create optical illusions of light and shadow. Often taking us through three or four stages and divisions of reality, she exhibits her work across London and America where her work is held in private collections. "My work takes as its subject light and shadow. The shape of a light pattern and the "negative" space surrounding it combine and interact with each other to form a geometrically interesting composition. Unnatural colours are used to create the feeling of light hitting the eye and sometimes dark and light tones are used together to give the feeling that the painting itself "glows" with its own light." Katherine Lubar
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Ozgur Karababa

Oscar Karababa takes his inspiration from the human form. "I adore the curves and the softness of a women's body and subconsciously they appear in most of my work in one way or another". Oscar's use of digital media allows him to manipulate form in such a way that it creates environments that only hint at their original source. His use of earthy colours combined with a polished and glossy quality generates a feeling of plasticity, stretched and melting - as if we are seeing a millisecond in time.
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Vicky Philosoph

When Vicky Philosoph graduated in the Millennium year her entire degree show was purchased by the Rector of the London Institute. Since then her career has gone from strength to strength, when a short while later the Bank of England acquired several pieces of her work. This subsequently attracted great interest from corporate and private collector’s worldwide. She regularly exhibits her work in numerous London galleries.
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David  Brassington

A recurrent device in David Brassington's work is the use of horizontal bands or blocks of colour that merge together to create a hazy boundary. Inspired by American Absract Expressionists particularly Richard Diebenkorn and Jasper Johns, the aim is to encourage the viewer to look both at and beyond the canvas surface - to create meditation pieces.
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