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Cuillin Bantock

Bantock's holistic compositions unobtrusively divulge his inner mental process and workings.
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Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown's delicate abstract paintings are created by a succession of fine washes of colour and vaporous form which become intertwined with ethereal and fragile line. For Caroline, painting is a visual and internal conversation; dialectic forms and empirical line, searching for a satisfactory whole. Browns painting reflect an internal conversation between her and her visual representation of thought.
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Sarah Simpson

Sarah Simpson's latest series of abstract works are as complex, yet simultaneously as simple as the sublime beauty found in nature. Playing out a battle with paint results in a labyrinth of marks, some ugly; some beautiful, the colour and form working together to form a dialogue. Sarah Simpson's beautiful images emerge from the pure act of painting.
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Stephanie Carter

Stephanie Carter trained at The London College of Printing and now utilises both printmaking and painting techniques to produce high energy abstract explorations. The success of Stephanie's art work is largely dependant on her natural and instinctive ability to unite colour and form by which to generate an agreeable arrangement of the whole. In doing so she hopes to create a composition which produces a range of effects both from within the image and from within us the viewer.
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Dawn Fincham

Fragile, delicate and sensitive and in equally subtle shades of colour and texture make Dawn Fincham’s abstract paintings some of the most tactile, sublime and beautiful works exhibited on LondonArt.
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Judith Sinclaire

Judith Sinclair has been a practising artist for over twenty years. Finding inspiration in the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950's, Judith studies the work of artists such as, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko Kandinsky and Miro. More recently she has been focusing on Chinese and Japanese art, taking inspiration from its delicacy and accuracy of line and form. "My painting starts with seeing and absorbing. I use a restricted palette, which hopefully resonates with my visceral self. Any invention comes from within and if I am lucky a kind of alchemy happens… The aim is to achieve simplicity, a clarity out of a complex process in the context of the twenty-first century". Judith lives and works in London. Her paintings have been exhibited across Europe and her commissions are held in numerous private collections.
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Ken Malson

Ken Malson is greatly influenced by the Cubist movement, the first of the great innovative movements in 20c painting. His ‘Bump and Run’ series of works clearly demonstrates this, with the flattening and interlocking of picture planes and compact composition of angular planes associated with the movement. However, although the influence is evident, Ken Malson’s own innovative colour pallet and contemporary subject matter adds a refreshing favorable twist.
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Alan Burden

Alan Burden specialises in Acrylic and Watercolour painting. Although Alan finds inspiration from a variety of subjects, his main passion is for the landscape. A keen traveller Alan's painting is heavily influenced by his immediate landscape. His work has been exhibited in England, where it reflected the 'Highlands of Scotland and the wilder parts of north east England, right through to the Costa del Sol as well as in America, Holland, Portugal, Germany and some of the major cities throughout Spain. After taking up permanent residence in Andalucía, Alan Burden's work presently focuses on the "wonders of the Spanish landscape".
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Christian Culver

Christian's visual artwork seeks to explore this notion of 'seeing', and questions our individual and cultural capacity to observe, decipher and absorb visual information. An extensive traveler, Christian's work draws directly on the city metropolis. Taking architectural photographs of specific places and buildings, Christian then collages them directly into his work, overlapping and contrasting them with opaque blocks of geometric colour and form.
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John Swarbrick

Swarbrick's compositions have a fresh melodic sense of harmony to them. His compositions rely on his intuitive sense of timing, spontaneity and freshness of each 'performance'.
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