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Penny Crofts

Penny Crofts uses a variety of mediums by which to best represent her subject matter. Penny's work reflects and documents her artistic journey by also adopting a number of styles and genres which are most suited to her present artistic vision. Exhibiting across London and the UK, her work is becoming well known for its sense of honesty and endeavour.
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Stephen Cunliffe

The essentials of painting are Edge, Surface, Colour, Paint and Line. By reducing a work to these formal elements the work is allowed to tell something of its own structure, its own lines and colour. The painting is symbolic only of itself.
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Susan Czopor

Leaving a ocular trail of her inspirations and aspirations, Susan Czopor's rhythmic oil paintings hope to reflect her thoughts and emotions on a two dimensional picture plane. Since graduating in the late nineties, Susan has had works in numerous exhibitions including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy, London.
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James D

James’s work involves the use of various mechanical devices, which have been adapted to explore the effects of natural forces such as gravity and centrifuge. His exploration in paint is driven by his observation of the effects of high pressure, force and gravitational pull on the intrinsic qualities of the paint. With each act of creation, his experimentation gives impetus to the next. Adapting and developing the control and randomness of the act he hopes to readdress and push the boundaries still further. “My overall aim is to develop new techniques for producing art and paint effects.” He says.
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Peter Dadswell

Peter Dadswell's virbrant paintings are often inspired by songs, music and favourite composers. He also paints what he sees and the world around him.
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Nicola Dane

Nicola Dane creates imaginative, slightly macabre worlds utilising the very latest digital technology. Her work has been in numerous group exhibitions throughout the UK, which has more recently lead to solo exhibitions.
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Anna Davanzo

As an abstract painter, the concept behind Anna D'Avanzo's work portrays strong autobiographical elements that reflect and link directly to her emotional response to the landscape. She attempts to unravel the experiences of the moment from both external and internal points of view. This creative process, she says " incorporates a superstructure and the accidental potential that is fired up within it. This, combined with shifting picture planes as well as depiction of colour, allows conscious and well as unconscious shapes and forms to present themselves on the canvas. Butterflies, a flock of migrating geese, the vastness and intensity of a mountain range all add to the fragility and beauty of our changing landscapes. Juxtaposed with the forces of nature, it is this element of tension which is the starting point for the paintings."
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Yarah David

Yarah David was originally trained as a fabric designer at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. After leaving College Yarah set her self up in business, producing large scale floral prints for wrapping paper designs. With the business firmly established, Yarah can once again concentrate on her true devotion, which is to produce these beautiful and original flower studies in oil on canvas. As unique pieces, her work reflects her love for nature and her passion for her garden.
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Jakob Davies

Jakob Davies currently is passionately investigating grand architectural forms. The works he shows on Londonart are complex linear complexities that paradoxically construct the image whilst at the same time, rendering it as hauntingly floating.
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Howard Davies

Howard Davies Recalling the Russian Constructivists of the early twentieth century Howard Davies’ brash abstract forms derive from Modernist architecture and industrial design. The monochrome works have the claustrophobic layers of an Escher, the ordered shapes of technology are set into free fall. Patterns from the manmade world are blended with shapes from nature in disturbed geometry, the images burst with bold energy expanding or constrained with in the forms.
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