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Peter Dodds

Peter Dodds’ is an Abstract Painter specialising in Acrylic paint on Panel. He is fascinated by geometric form and structure and the arrangement and balance of colour within it. His sense of colour - mainly using red, yellow and blue and his sense of balance and harmony helps to create an internal language and a compositional balance within each piece.
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Tracy  Donnarumma

Tracy Donnarumma creates these encaustic semi abstract paintings using a variety of highly specialized techniques. Encaustic painting is the medium of manipulating molten wax colour. This process enables Tracy to create wonderfully lustrous and slightly magical environments, which are governed by her mysterious, wondering characters. Wax is such a wonderful but technically difficult medium, which Tracy has mastered well.
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Gary Doran

Gary Doran studied at Southend-On-Sea College of Art and Technology and has worked since the Eighties within the creative industry. He was a finalist in the Daily Mail's' Not The Turner Prize' and has worked on commissions from TV Times, Autocar and many other blue chip accounts. His limited editions and original works are held in various private collections both nationally and internationally and he has had over 40 exhibitions of his work! This has enabled him to raise money as a passionate supporter of wildlife.
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Jessie Dougherty

Jessie Dougherty is based in London, UK and originally studied Textile Design. Although her work reflects the influence of textile design, its pattern and tactility, she now focuses on painting as her primary source of expression. "I am inspired by many things in life, from a small flower to a piece of twisted metal which I adapt to find interesting shapes and ideas for my art." She says, adding "My pieces consist of shape, colour, print and texture."
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Dita  Driessen

Born and raised in Indonesia, Dita Driessen's work is inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. Having experienced this rich heritage on her travels, she immersed herself in the practice and now teaches it in the primary schools of The Netherlands where she now lives.

Using skewers to fully populate each canvas with dots, each painting takes up to two months or more of painstaking care and attention. Already popular in her home country, Dubai and Jakarta, she now seeks a British audience for her work.

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Mat Dumont

Mat Dumont is a contemporary Alchemist. Through a series of investigative and experimental processes, Mat Dumont miraculously transforms domestic and industrial materials to produce some stunning visual results. As yet he hasn’t created Gold or Silver, but I wouldn’t put it past him!
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Stella Dunkley

Stella Dunkley takes direct inspiration from the landscapes and seascapes of the World. Painting in both oil and acrylic paint her current series of works exhibited with us, from, Burnished Seas to Saffron Skies III , exploit the beauty of the setting sun. "The subjects I find inspirational are the sea and the natural world, I enjoy experimenting with mixed media incorporating a variety of substances into the work, the colours, textures & patterns of nature are evident in my paintings." Stella Dunkley was born in the UK in 1966 and now lives and works in Christchurch.
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Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn's photographs often use blue tone monochromatic colour or coloured sepia tones to highlight and reflect his chosen subject matter. This really does help to give his work a real sense of isolation and detachment.
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Joanne Dunn

Although Joanne Dunn regularly travels to Britain to exhibit her photography, she lives and works in a remote village in southern Italy. Capturing fleeting moments, whether it is the colour of the sky, a wind swept street or human interaction, Joanne manages to photograph small but remarkable moments that pass us all from time to time.
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