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Alan Burden

Alan Burden specialises in Acrylic and Watercolour painting. Although Alan finds inspiration from a variety of subjects, his main passion is for the landscape. A keen traveller Alan's painting is heavily influenced by his immediate landscape. His work has been exhibited in England, where it reflected the 'Highlands of Scotland and the wilder parts of north east England, right through to the Costa del Sol as well as in America, Holland, Portugal, Germany and some of the major cities throughout Spain. After taking up permanent residence in Andalucía, Alan Burden's work presently focuses on the "wonders of the Spanish landscape".
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Christian Culver

Christian's visual artwork seeks to explore this notion of 'seeing', and questions our individual and cultural capacity to observe, decipher and absorb visual information. An extensive traveler, Christian's work draws directly on the city metropolis. Taking architectural photographs of specific places and buildings, Christian then collages them directly into his work, overlapping and contrasting them with opaque blocks of geometric colour and form.
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John Swarbrick

Swarbrick's compositions have a fresh melodic sense of harmony to them. His compositions rely on his intuitive sense of timing, spontaneity and freshness of each 'performance'.
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Laura Andrews

Laura Andrews is a Master of her Art. Her years painting in oil are maturely reflected in her confident handling of paint and colour, texture and form. The apparent ease of composition and juxtaposition sings of years of dedication and nurturing of an instinctive talent. Laura Andrew’s oil on canvases have been bought and sold throughout the world.
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Julian St. Clair

St Clair uses essentially a geometric structure to produce sleek, vibrant paintings. St. Clair now lives and works in Cornwall, England.
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Mark Barnard

"My work is a bit like a diary," Barnard says, "It tells a story of what I see". A painter and printmaker, Barnard has been painting professionally for over twenty five years. Taking inspiration from the acute observation of land and sea, Mark Barnard begins by visiting the landscape and making detail sketches and observations. Mark Barnard gained a First class Honours degree in Fine Art in 1976 and has spent his professional life both making art and teaching art. He has had numerous exhibitions across London and the UK and has works in private collections across Britain. Currently living and working in London his work ranges form £400 to £1000.
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Kelly Washbourne

Kelly Washbourne is an abstract painter specialising in oil on canvas. Presently living in Bedfordshire in the South of England, Kelly's painterly work focuses on colour and form. Using a range of gestural mark and technique her work exposes layers of colour in a variety of scale, from delicate line to large scale brushed mark her work explores the expressive qualities of paint.
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Deborah Pearse

Deborah Pearse is a British artist to look out for in the coming years. Having already established a flourishing reputation within the contemporary art market, Deborah’s work is definitely a positive investment as well as a beautiful addition to any art collection.
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Ivan Lambrov

Ivan Lambrov has participated in more than 40 other group exhibitions in Bulgaria. His art works are in a possession of the National Art Gallery in Sofia, state and private institutions, private collections around the world.
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Né Barros

Nė Barros’s hot Mediterranean, coastal colours and love for natural, raw textures are reflected in this latest series of paintings. Nė Barros draws great inspiration from his surroundings so it’s not hard to believe that he isn’t based in Britain but instead lives in Corroios, Portugal.
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