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Philip Cordero

Philip's artistic interests lay in the representations of landscapes, places or seasons. His choice of colours and type of brushstroke depend on the atmosphere he wants to create or a feeling that he would like to pass, therefore the actual likeness is not that important in his work. Philip's work is semi-abstract - it gives a viewer a clue of what they look at but does not reveal the whole reality of it. It could be said that it is an attempt to show the tangible in an intangible way.
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Cindy Cork

”I have a wide and varied knowledge of fine art practice and how challenging it can be” says Cindy Cork. “As a fine art painter my work is expressionistic in nature and the root of my inspiration lies in observation and emotional source, working from an experience, feeling or emotion. My main strategy is to communicate these emotions through a repeated working of surface and the manipulation and experimentation of materials. My paintings are subtly representational but contain areas less easy to read, hoping the viewer will be absorbed in them…My aim is to hope the viewer will want to come back for another look.” After completing a degree in Fine Art in 2005, Cindy Cork continues to work as a freelance artist on the Kent coast, South East England.
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Cathy Corker

Cathy Corker is a painter of iconic graphic images inspired by cultural icons and the natural world. She paints in acrylic on canvas. She has had her work in several galleries and exhibitions in the UK.
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Patrick Cornee

Patrick Cornée was born in Toulouse in 1962. A self taught artist Cornée lives in Mougins, a small village just North of Cannes, France. Inspired by a specific approach to making art, Patrick combines his love for his surrounding landscape with a technique called 'Automatic Drawing. Pioneered by André Masson, automatic drawing was developed by the surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious. In applying an element of chance and accident to mark-making, his work is to a large extent freed of rational thought. "I work with graphic arts, volume and nuances of colours; I would say that this symphony creates a poetic and lyric transfiguration." he says. Exhibiting his work across the World including, Japan, Britain, France, USA, Cornée's work is in many private collections.
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Peter Corr

Peter Corr is an artist and teacher with a broad international outlook gained through extensive travelling. He has always been very interested in the work of the American abstract expressionists and the contemporary German artists, Gerhardt Richter and Anselm Kiefer. His recent paintings are concerned with landscape and colour and partly reflect his experience of living in the extreme climate of Qatar, with the angular contemporary architecture of Doha, the unrelentingly flat terrain and the intense heat of the desert sun. This seems to have merged seamlessly with the featureless landscapes and open horizons of the Cambridgeshire fenland. He sees these paintings as a kind of fusion, a poetic visual representation of place.
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Lia Costetcaia is a Moldovan-born artist who studied at the Balti Art Academy and now lives and works in London. She says of her work: "Some people see art as a commodity – to buy and hoard until the price goes up. Or something to possess in the way that people used to own tigers, or countries or people. But art shouldn’t be so serious. I prefer mine, like life, with a little humour. I want my art to make you smile, cheer you on a grey day or remember a good time. Most of my pictures are memories, or some take on them, they are meant to make you happy – I hope they do".
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Maggie  Cousins

Maggie Cousins graduated from Bournemouth College of Art and Design in the late eighties. Since then she has exhibited across the UK and Europe. In 2007 she exhibited her work in New York and quickly established a strong following. A member of the Fine Art Guild and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Maggie Cousins has work in private collections in The USA, Spain and Australia.
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Penny Crofts

Penny Crofts uses a variety of mediums by which to best represent her subject matter. Penny's work reflects and documents her artistic journey by also adopting a number of styles and genres which are most suited to her present artistic vision. Exhibiting across London and the UK, her work is becoming well known for its sense of honesty and endeavour.
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Stephen Cunliffe

The essentials of painting are Edge, Surface, Colour, Paint and Line. By reducing a work to these formal elements the work is allowed to tell something of its own structure, its own lines and colour. The painting is symbolic only of itself.
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