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Len Hodgson

Len Hodgson's landscape paintings are influenced by and reflect the balance between representation and abstraction. A native of North Yorkshire, his work draws on the local landscape of Scarborough the North York Moors and surrounding coastal areas. Len's work has been exhibited in London, Edinburgh, York and other towns in Yorkshire. He regularly undertakes private and corporate commissioned work and his paintings and drawings are in numerous private collections in the USA and UK.
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Sarah  Hodson

Sarah Hodson translates the world around into a visual language on canvas. “…every day life and events can spark an idea”. she says, adding “ I am always experimenting with new textures and colours to produce unique one off pieces”. Presently working on a collection of works entitled, the ‘Butterfly Collection’, which include the works, ‘Celebration’, ‘Surprise’, and ‘Springway’, she utilises the large scale canvases to help her generate a feeling of youthful freedom and creativity.
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Marc Holman

Marc Holman has been creating art for the last four years. Marc Holman has devised a unique painting technique. Appling vibrant acrylic colour over a ground of Plaster of Paris on board, the process allows him to create a fundamental sense of texture and tactility.
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Helen Hopkins

Helen is a practised artist having studied under professional artists at classes over the last seven years. Her speciality is using colourful heavy body acrylics on a large scale: not something every artist can manage. Her style of chunky brushstrokes is daring and carried out with great zeal. On the other hand, Helen appears to be equally versatile whichever media she adopts including watercolours. So whether it is audacious, gestural, thick paint you enjoy or bright gutsy watercolours, then Helen's style will certainly accommodate both tastes.
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Melanie Housden

Housden’s beautiful, delicate paintings echo a sense of aloneness. The fragility and tenderness of Housden’s new work ‘fallen Angel’ demonstrates a rare, sensitivity found in great paintings. We look forward to seeing more of this new work.
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Andy  Housham

Fascinated by popular culture, Andy Housham is one of a growing number of contemporary artists who aim to create contemporary Pop Art for the 21st Century. Specializing in acrylic and collage on canvas, his work is particularly inspired by television and the Punk culture which originated in the 70's. Each painted collage uses articles and pictures which relate in some way to the subject matter they are portraying. In the works entitled, Sid Vicious and Kurt Cobain, Andy hopes to portray the exploitation of the stars in the music industry, particularly how an individual can appear to become a product and buckle under the pressure of constant media scrutiny and adverse publicity.
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Neil Howson

As an artist, Neil Howson was inspired by his travels through the Indian landscape and has been exhibited in London galleries several times. Having picked up an MA in Art from Aberdeen University, he now paints blocks of colour that contrast and compliment. Flashes of white bring touches of life into the canvasses. In 'Father and Son', the subjects are ruduced to different sized boxes capturing ,in a quirky manner, the sensation of being close to a relative. Howson's mission is to bring reasonably art to his audience and is open to taking comissions for your specific requirements.
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Pavel Hrubisek

Pavel Hrubisek combines a traditional approach to painting with the newest technological advances. Where as most digitally versed painters might begin the first stage of image making by painting an image in the traditional sense, only then moving it on to digital manipulation and retailoring as the second stage of the image making process. Pavel works in completely the opposite sense. Beginning his creative process on the computer and finishing on the easel.
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Steve Lincoln Hubber

Steve Lincoln Hubber is a sculptor, painter, a photographer and published poet who trained with some of the finest in his field. He sells his artwork throughout London, the UK and overseas. His clientele include reputable collectors, interior designers, businesses and art lovers alike. As well as creating his own work, Steve works with internationally renowned sculptor Deirdre Hubbard FRBS in her Chelsea studio, London; who in turn worked there previously with Dame Elizabeth Frink. Recently Steve became an awardee from the Arts Council England. He also was involved in producing large scale sculpture for the Queen Mary Cruise Ship.
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