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Ivan Lambrov

Ivan Lambrov has participated in more than 40 other group exhibitions in Bulgaria. His art works are in a possession of the National Art Gallery in Sofia, state and private institutions, private collections around the world.
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Nť Barros

Nė Barrosís hot Mediterranean, coastal colours and love for natural, raw textures are reflected in this latest series of paintings. Nė Barros draws great inspiration from his surroundings so itís not hard to believe that he isnít based in Britain but instead lives in Corroios, Portugal.
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Mary  Cahalan

Mary Cahalan, also known as Pixi, is an emerging Irish Artist. Mary's fiery colours and passionate approach to mark making, combined with the figurative narratives which seem integral within all her paintings, create a real sense of energy and power.
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Beata Hughes

Beata Hughes is one of our abstract painters who enjoys the immediacy of Acrylic paint as apposed to the slow drying qualities of Oil Paint. Deep and fiery reds, vibrant violets and blues are startlingly juxtaposed against intense, almost black expanses of immeasurably deep colour.
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John  Clive

Clive is regarded as a leading innovator of visual effects in the film industry. He played a pioneering role in digital techniques such as crowd cloning, morphing & photo-realistic computer animation. He has lectured, broadcast and written articles on these subjects for, amongst others, the National Film Theatre, the BBC & the American Cinematographer Magazine. He has also worked as a consultant and visual effects designer for other film makers, including David Putnam, Mel Gibson and Franco Zefferelli.
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William Dick

Drawing on ancient symbols from Scottish and Celtic art and by studying land and its geological formation, each image evolves out of itself, transforming and growing in its physical and illusionary historical depth.
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James Faure Walker

Faure Walkers manic cylindrical lines writhe across the page, building cities, maps and spatial prisons in their wake.
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Terry  Bartle

Terry Bartle's use of earthy, fiery shades of red and contrasting blue create paintings with a dramatic and immense feeling of energy and depth. His expressive use of paint compliments a sense of vigour and dynamism, immersing the viewer within the resulting atmosphere. Although Terry mainly specialises in Acrylic on canvas he also utilises a variety of painting and digital mediums to help create striking abstract landscapes. Terry has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe.
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Mark Paul Perry

Born in 1967, Mark Paul Perry specialises in oil and acrylic paint. Using a range of traditional tools, Mark Paul Perry manipulates the paint to obtain the texture and movement he desires. "I love simplicity in form which I portray through the use of colour and texture on canvas. My paintings are inspired by snapshots of specific moments in time or through memories of particular events in my own life. I endeavour to capture these moods and emotions in the most basic form - light, colour and texture - which represent their fundamental essence". Mark's paintings can be found in private, commercial and corporate collections throughout Europe and abroad. Mark exhibits his works regularly and has been commissioned to produce paintings in London, Europe and overseas.
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Simon Fairless

Simon Fairless is a new and emerging British artist. His ideas and aesthetics spill into Landscapes, Seascapes and Figurative paintings, Still Life and Abstract works. He has exhibited his work throughout the United Kingdom and has works in private collections throughout the world. By using iconic images from contemporary life, the artist creates pop images that glow with colour and life. His varied portfolio moves through glistening abstractions to cityscapes and town scenes. Familiar London streets are recreated with a feeling of light and an understanding of the language of colour. We are very pleased to bring you this popular and talented painter.
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