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Kim Mendes

Kim Mendes uses vivid colour and texture and has been influenced by her experience of growing up in the caribbean as a child. She often works with interior decorators and designers to create a painting to fit a particular room or enivronment.
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Adrian Paul Metcalfe

Adrian Paul Metcalfe is an abstract painter working in Oil on Canvas. With a prolific output his work takes inspiration from the landscape and his surrounding environment. His vibrant and creative use of sugary colour and texture, thick layers of concentrated oil paint, intimately contrast with smooth glossy form to create paintings which create their own landscape of thought. Living and working in Cardiff, Wales, he has had a succession of one man shows and has exhibited throughout the UK.
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Jonathan Meyer

Jonathan Meyer was born in Santa Cruz, California in 1966. He studied Architecture and Engineering at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, graduating with Honours in Architecture in 1990. In 1991 he moved to London to work as an architect, where he assisted and collaborated with several painters including Tom Phillips. Devoting his talents to painting in 1997, he has since had three one-man shows in London and has participated in group exhibitions across the UK, France, the Netherlands, USA and Australia.
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Colin Michael

Michael's artwork constantly explores eclectic themes and concepts. In order to express the varying emotions and perceptions, Michael utilises a wide range of mediums and techniques.
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Sarah Milburn

As equally at home with the figurative as the fantastic, Sarah Milburn is a past master at conjuring a mood. Whether it be a blustery day amidst local architecture or a sumptuous evocation of dancing flames, she uses pattern freely and expressively to imbue her compositions with dynamic energy. She describes herself as a latecomer to art and an "absolute beginner" but her work is already proving to be most popular up in the North East where she lives.
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Shannon Mills

The daughter of a South African Artist, Shannon Mills began painting at the age of 4 and sold her first painting at the age of 17. Predominantly self-taught, Mills started off painting in acrylic and subsequently moved to oil. Shannon Mills creates both landscape and portrait paintings in oil on canvas. She has exhibited in numerous galleries in Cape Town, and regularly undertakes private painting commissions.
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Dimitar Minkov

Dimitar Minkov is a Bulgarian artist specialising in mixed media on canvas. "There has hardly been a higher aspiration in art than the one striving to minimize the form" he says. Inspired by the notion that "less is actually more" Dimitar Minkov's modest works aim to reflect his desire to sensitively reflect his subject. With an inherent harmony of colour, texture and form his work draws us in and generates a feeling of quiet and tranquil reflection. Minkov's work has been exhibited widely and is in private collections across Bulgaria.
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Stephen Mitchell

Cornish-based painter Stephen Mitchell studied Illustration at Southampton Institute of Arts. It was here that Stephens painting style began to emerge, influenced by the techniques of Degas and Walter Sickert. He draws his inspiration from the harbours and fishing villages around him and is represented by a number of local galleries there.
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Ivan Mitev

Born in 1967 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria Ivan Mitev graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Plovdiv in 1986 with major black-and-white drawing and Etching. A member of the Guild of Masters of National Crafts as a master of iconography, he has participated in group exhibitions across Germany Bulgaria, and the USA .
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