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Magdalena Myburgh

Having received no formal training, Magdalena Myburgh is a self-taught artist specialising in Oil on Canvas. Magdalena allows her instinct and emotion to prompt the development and creation of each painting. Using unconventional painting utensils to apply the paint on to the canvas, Magdalena hopes to project her feelings on to the canvas with each mark she makes.
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Ofordi Nabokei

Ofordi Nabokei is part of a group of artists working in the Netherlands. She describes her group 'Closed Harmony' as a "themed project' where we fuse our skills in painting, metalwork and ceramics to create musically inspired integrated pieces of art." Nabokei has been painting since 2000 and has devoted the last five years almost exclusively to creating commissioned based art.
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Zsuzsa Nagy

Zsuzsa Nagy presents recent works painted in acrylic with a cool palette. "Celebration" takes the drip painting and parades it with drips in a variety of scale. The play of lines: vertical, diagonal and horizontal is once again reproduced in "Earth" but this time, the lines are more embodied, seemingly having been created by natural materials. In "Silver lIght on the Trees", a peculiar spatial effect is created whereby the viewer appears to be viewing this almost supernatural event from an angle where it is hard to place onesself. The painting's abstract edges become bark and highlighted branches, tracing lines against the sky.
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Marco Napoletano

Sometimes grotesque and always bizarre, Marco Napoletano's peculiar and outlandish paintings create a sense of intrigue and mystery. His provoking yet puzzling depictions of serpents and devils raise questions of life and immortality.
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Liane Naranjo

Liane Naranjo is a self-taught artist from Cuba. The work she shows here in Londonart are mostly acrylic on canvas and are largely figurative. Figures are often pictured in gardens or fields, large hats shading their heads from the sun. Although darkness too is a recurring theme in Naranjo's work. In "The Wind", the golden leaves of a tree are set against a dark brooding background. In "La Duda", a figure hangs up her hat and sits in solitude in a darkened room. The walls are painted with swift, atmospheric brushstrokes, which add a degree of expression to the composition and hint at the figure's psychological state.
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Radu Florin Nastasia

Radu Nastasia is currently an MA student at Chelsea College of Arts having previously studied sculpture in Bucharest, Romania. He is fluent in a range of artistic techniques and his works on paper currently displayed on Londonart are figurative and free-flowing.
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Juan Carlos Navarro

A self taught painter, Juan Carlos Navarro was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Having trained and worked as an Architect, Navarro began a professional career in Fine Art painting only recently, when after traveling the world he was inspired to begin painting, exhibiting and consequently selling his work. In 2005 he exhibited his work in Mexico City and was subsequently selected to participate in the Exconvento Del Carmen Museum in Mexico in 2006. Juan Carlos Navarro has work in private and public collections across Mexico.
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Nicky Neate

Nicky Neate is a process based artist who explores the passage of time through the medium of printmaking. Nick comments," Everything that has a physical presence, animate or otherwise, leaves trace evidence of its existence." She adds, "My work describes the ephemeral existence of objects and physical life, of how desires and pleasures are fleeting. How all life is fragile, constantly changing and eternal". Utilizing the process based practice of printmaking to emphasize the notion; Nicky's art reflects and becomes part of a fleeting moment, leaving an exploratory trail of evidence behind her. Nicky Neate has a BA in Painting and an MA in Printmaking. She has been involved in numerous group exhibitions including, Art in Mind, London, Sense and Sensuality-Royal College of Art, London and the Dulwich Fesival- Artists' Open 2006. With a number of solo exhibitions her work is in private collections across London and the UK.
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Darrel Neaves is a graphic and digital artist who is a member of the Living Art collective, which formed with the objective of providing affordable art with a difference. His images which often draw on the forms found in nature are printed onto quality canvas.
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