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Juan Carlos Navarro

A self taught painter, Juan Carlos Navarro was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Having trained and worked as an Architect, Navarro began a professional career in Fine Art painting only recently, when after traveling the world he was inspired to begin painting, exhibiting and consequently selling his work. In 2005 he exhibited his work in Mexico City and was subsequently selected to participate in the Exconvento Del Carmen Museum in Mexico in 2006. Juan Carlos Navarro has work in private and public collections across Mexico.
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Nicky Neate

Nicky Neate is a process based artist who explores the passage of time through the medium of printmaking. Nick comments," Everything that has a physical presence, animate or otherwise, leaves trace evidence of its existence." She adds, "My work describes the ephemeral existence of objects and physical life, of how desires and pleasures are fleeting. How all life is fragile, constantly changing and eternal". Utilizing the process based practice of printmaking to emphasize the notion; Nicky's art reflects and becomes part of a fleeting moment, leaving an exploratory trail of evidence behind her. Nicky Neate has a BA in Painting and an MA in Printmaking. She has been involved in numerous group exhibitions including, Art in Mind, London, Sense and Sensuality-Royal College of Art, London and the Dulwich Fesival- Artists' Open 2006. With a number of solo exhibitions her work is in private collections across London and the UK.
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Darrel Neaves is a graphic and digital artist who is a member of the Living Art collective, which formed with the objective of providing affordable art with a difference. His images which often draw on the forms found in nature are printed onto quality canvas.
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Janice Nelson

Janice E. Nelson was born in Worcester, MA, USA, in 1943. Chosen for entry in Marquis, Who's Who, Nelson is a spiritual painter who allows her heart and instinct to guide her work. “During some of the more troubled times in my life, I experienced two very vivid dreams, one in 1981 and the other in 1986, both of which define my work.” She says, adding, “In the 1986 dream, I envisioned a most, ‘Perfect Hand’, reaching down through the Light to an uplifted crippled hand. Ever since I experienced those profound dreams, I've been continually seeking to recapture that Light.”
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Zoran Nicic

Zoran Nicic was born in Belgrave. After studying painting under Professor Jovanivoc in Belgrave he moved to London in 2004. “When I moved to London I was struck by the overwhelming spectrum of diversity: sights, sounds, people, food and buildings” he says. Finding great inspiration from the architecture of the Victorian period in stark contrast to the modern architecture of London’s, South Bank, his work hopes to reflect a diversity of cultures. Zoran Nicic has work in private collections across the world, countries include, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece and India.
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Derek K. Nielsen

LondonArt is pleased to exhibit Derek Nielsen's abstract monochromatic series of paintings, in various shades and degrees of Ultramarine and Prussian blue. Root like organic form, extend and draw the viewer's eye out of the picture plane and off the edge of the canvas, creating a phenomenal illusion of space and depth.
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Christian Nieman

Christian Nieman’s lucid abstract paintings eloquently document his thought and emotion. His rich earthy pallet of oil paint and sinuous expressionist style create highly textured and atmospheric paintings.
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Anil Nijhawan

Born in India, Anil Nijhawan moved to the UK when he was very small. Influenced by both Indian and British contemporary art, his work compliments and amalgamates both an aesthetic style, and subject matter, which are familiar to both cultures. A self taught artist his paintings are now held in private collections as far apart as Trinidad, UK and the USA.
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Jean Noble

By skillfully mixing the forms of her subjects with the emotional quality inherent within, Jean Noble creates abstract art that stands out for its stark expressionistic quality. Winner of the Lady Laming Award for Abstract Art and exhibitor at the Royal Academy's annual Summer Exhibition, Noble is a painter with a proven history and a host of admirers. She creates work that speak of personally meaningful memories, while retaining the shapes of the sites she paints. A member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, she uses contratsing colour schemes to create texture and light, bringing a shining intensity to her whites and a deep warmth to her reds and purples. We are very happy to exhibit such a fine abstract painter.
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Nick Norris

Nick Norris’ paintings recreate feelings of spaces, places and experiences. His paintings, although essentially abstract, draw on recognisable architectural and or landscape references. This helps to create a strong sense of ambience and atmosphere within each individual work. We are lucky to be exhibiting Nick’s work as most of his sales are made to private buyers before he has chance to exhibit. His work is in private collections throughout Europe including the Ritz Hotel, London and VISA International.
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