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Martin Pette

Martin Pette's sculptures, reliefs and assemblages are appealing in that they retain the hand of their maker, as in craft or folk art objects. His work is reminiscent of mid-twentieth century Modernist Jean Dubuffet's "Art Brut" with a similar naivety and child-like humour.
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van petz

East London based Van Petz makes bold, rampant abstracts in oil colour.
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Jan Phethean

Jan Phethean spent her childhood travelling across China ,Africa and the Mediterranean. "As a very small child I crossed many latitudes and longtitudes in ocean liners and saw stars drifting and fish jumping in the shifting tides of great oceans on the other side of the world. This light in the darkness has influenced all my work." Jan Phethean's paintings reflect a sense of the sublime. As an alchemist strives for gold, Jan phethean strives to express the intangible. Trusting her emotional instincts her work is both aesthetically beautiful and intensely courageous.
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Barbara Piatti

Barbara is a Swiss artist who lives in France. She moved there in 1988 and consequently received French nationality in2003. Barbara has studied and practiced painting in various countries, including her native Switzerland; France, and the US. Her work is therefore culturally rich and full of various influences. Depending on her residency, her work depicts varied locations; sometimes it might be industrial region, some other time rural part of France. Although the artist paint realistically, one can observe a playful string in her slightly blurred pieces.
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Patryk Piecuch

Patrick Piecuch is a paradoxical artist in that he doesn't offer up a set genre or style of works. His art is one of postmodern irony where Mona Lisa is portrayed as alien-like, seemingly feasting on or communing with rats! Contrast this with his Oriental "landscape" and the plot thickens... Satire is a powerful weapon and for art lovers who seek art with political, negative aesthetics, this artist is one to watch.
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Austen Pinkerton

Austen Pinkerton specialises in Acrylic and Watercolour. Austen takes inspiration from the world around him. Using representational elements as a starting point for a composition, Austen uses his memory and imagination to create a whole new environment, full of narrative and emotion. "…Sometimes I simply want just to express my feelings, about something or other in my life, or in the world around me."
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Pinto Pinnock

Pinto Pinnock was born in 1956 in Manoharpur, a small town in Bihar, north eastern India, 300 miles west of Calcutta. The youngest of eight children he came to England in 1957 with his parents. The Anglo-Indian family felt they were driven out of India by increasing political hostility. Pinto's family left a life of luxury to become "working-class" in the north east of England. Pinnock is a racial and religious melting-pot. His grandparents were German, Portuguese and Indian. His grandmother, a German Jewess, was sent to India to marry a Portuguese Catholic from Goa! Pinnock feels this "confusion" of backgrounds influences his art and has enabled him to create his own eclectic mix of styles and techniques.
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Rachel Pinnock

Having always had a passion for design, balance and harmony, the combination of career and hobby seems the perfect mix for Rachel Pinnock's creative talents. A florist by day and a painter at night, Rachel finds the inspiration for her painting from the combinations of colours and textures of the flowers she arranges. Just like her bouquets, Rachel is happy to tailor her paintings to your suit your requirements and encourages commissions in a bespoke size and colour.
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Irene Pinto de Freitas

Irene Pinto de Freitas has worked for the past forty years with decorative arts. Her name is a reference in Portugal for this type of art following collaboration with national magazines. One of her specialities is encaustic painting, in which pigment is mixed with hot wax and applied with metal tools. Encaustic art has enjoyed a revival in the last few years after it was lost in the Middle Ages.
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Heather Pittman

Heather Pittman lives and works in Worthing, West Sussex, UK. Situated between the South Downs and five miles of award winning coastline, Pittman is inspired by the natural beauty of her surrounding environment. Enthused by the power of the sea and the shifting skies, her work uses acrylic on canvas or driftwood to depict and reflect the breathtaking landscape. Heather Pittman’s work has been exhibited widely both in Sussex and in Cornwall, UK.
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