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Sam Te Tau

Sam Te Tau draws on an eclectic mix of influences. Aboriginal and Maori art are reflected in his use of symbolism and cosmetology while his confident handling of colour and painterly form echo the works of Mark Rothko and Colin McCain.
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Linda Tennant

Linda Tennant is an artist who never misses the key details which makes any scene beautiful. Whether it is the horizon stretching on for eternity on a summer's evening, or the prickly grass in the field, she captures the essence of the view perfectly. She is the owner of her own gallery which she works from throughout the week but we are pleased to also offer you the chance to see her work. As a deeply versatile painter, Tennant is equally at home showing the sun dripping down over Venice as she is commissioning portraits. Through the warmth of her palette and the fine points of her forms, she creates work that is popular with collectors around the world.
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Carola Eleonore Thiele

Carola Eleonore Thiele is based in Hamburg, Germany and studied at HAF Hamburger between 2007-2009. In recent years she has participated in several group shows in Germany especially at the Galerie Kunstbörse in Wusterhausenand been selected for online exhibitions at kunstplattform, artfolio, arte-mea and art-offer. Her paintings are distinctive for their fable-like quality. She says, "Art is like a dream you`red dreamed before. Like a picture that has itself manifested."
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Wendy Thompson

Wendy Thompson's success has not followed a conventional line from Art School education to London Gallery scene. She has shaped her own destiny; creating exhibitions and residencies rather than waiting to be discovered. She celebrates the élan of Abstract life on her own terms; her inventive geometric, colourful paintings are explorations of the way in which the gaze takes in the different milieus of life, finding connectivity through the shared actions of the worlds activity in abstraction.
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W Thompson

For Wendy Thompson Painting is, "about exploring the depths of my own imagination". Using colour to illustrate her emotions and expressing her ideas through form and narrative, Wendy hopes to produce paintings that connect with the viewer on an emotive level, giving them something to treasure for a lifetime.
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Carol Tipping

Carol Tipping is regularly invited to feature her work in ‘Digital Photographer and Creative imaging’ magazine. Her growing popularity, hard work and dedication has recently secured her the prestigious Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.
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Janet Treanor

Janet Treanor's work is inspired by the human form and uses an essentially abstract language to reflect intimate relationships of love. Specialising in oil on canvas her work uses large painterly mark and vibrant colour to accentuate her subject matter. Often self contained, the figures appear from behind the abstracted form. It is as if the artist does not quite wish the viewer to understand the relationship she perceives.
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clair tuczemski

It is always fascinating to discover how self-taught artists make their ideas manifest, there is often a directness in their approach. Clair channels her creativity so that it flows into different avenues of expression including poetry, photography and jewellery design.Her painting "Blossom" sensitively traces the vein-like growth of a tree denuded of its blossom but surrounded by it like abeautiful hazy pink cloud.
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Dan Usher

Dan is a spontaneous painter who likes experimentation and exploration of varied themes. Therefore his images are often far apart from each other and deal with unrelated subjects. Dan says that his main interest lays in the opportunities that each medium posses in creating the final effect and atmosphere.
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Natalia Ustinova

Natalia Ustinova-Buchman, was born in Moscow, Russia in 1982, and now lives and works in London. Inspired by nature and the changing climate, her work focuses on the seasons and the way in which they can influence and affect our mood and emotions.
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