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Lorna Wilson

Lorna Wilson’s expansive paintings submerge you in to a wonderful world of rich colour. Each painting is created slowly by layer after layer of translucent washes of colour. Each individual layer fully contributing to the subtle interplay of light and depth within the whole. These paintings really are a favourite of Londonart
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Tabitha  Wilson

Tabitha Wilson is currently the Artist in Residence at St Francis' College in Letchworth Garden City. Her interest lies mainly in landscape and its transformation by natural processes such as glaciation. Paintings shown here on Londonart have been inspired by distinctive subjects such as Icelandic river valleys, rocky outcrops and ash clouds. Her sensitivity towards the various aspects of such unusual vistas translates perfectly into her richly textured tonal paintings.
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Gabriel Winkler-Nemes

Gabriel Winker-Nemes' work explores the common ground and philosophies between religious denominations. "Finding the common roots of all sacred traditions around the world's religious systems, I feel," he says, "there is something around and within us, that we all should be looking for, and cherish in ourselves, once we have found it." Deeply inspired by Japanese art including its traditional music, and theatre plays, he finds particular fascination in Ukiyo-e the art of the traditional Japanese woodcuts. Specializing in oil, Winker-Nemes minimalist work hopes to, "express a kind of transparency by using many thin layers and deep spaces on my pictures. I like to leave it to the viewer to decide, what the painting is about." he says. Currently living in Budapest, Hungary, Gabriel Winker-Nemes has exhibited his work across the country and is in numerous private collections.
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Lucie Winterson

The near-mythical paintings of Lucie Winterson highlight her staggering ability to capture the effects of light and shade upon different forms. Rivers and stones are shown in their natural glory and a misty haze floats above country scenes. More than merely representing the scene, the artists seeks to paint the atmosphere of the countryside; beguiling and intense. In these works the world is cloaked in mystery and intrigue and she shows the incredible beauty of the play of light upon the earth. These paintings are incredibly beautiful and fantastically rendered. Her mastery of craft and creative imagination means that she will surely become a firm favourite on the site.
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"I generally work subconsciously, sometimes with just one emotion, one word, one issue (spiritual, political, personal) often listening to the same piece of music over and over... often painting through the night, in poor light, sometimes blessedly in moonlight, and see what is revealed in the morning light." Georgina works in mixed media: oils, acrylics, pastels, organic and recycled house paint, graphite, egg tempera, sometimes mixing her own hand-collected pigments or body fluids. She has painted murals in Thailand, 'folk' painted in New Zealand, Israel and America.
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Sturmius Wittschier

Sturmius Wittschier experiments with media for their structural qualities and surprise textural effects. The supports he works upon include wood, cardboard, softfibre and paper. Onto these supports he applies: acrylic, "waste" (eg: wood shavings), sand, pastel chalk, marble flour, structural paste and oils. There is a distinctly cosmological feel to the work which is primarily abstract throughout. The chance imagery created by his experimental attitude to materials is original and evocative. The restrained colour palette of vermillion and cyan over a monochromatic base is at times reminiscent of stained glass windows which contrast with the focus on earthly matter.
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Trevor  Wood

Wood’s current images find inspiration from the observation of slick web sites in stark contrast to the language of programming, seemingly visual chaos, which creates them.
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John Workman

Much of John's inspiration comes from 18th century landscapes, though he updates their gentility with found materials such as wallpaper set behind glass panels. That is just one of the techniques the artist uses to create an illusion of depth - he has recently progressed into using light boxes.
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John Wragg

My main preoccupation as an artist is how a two dimensional surface can be exploited as a projective plane to reflect shadows of four-dimensional geometry. An ingredient that permeates my imagery is an exploitation of the Necar effect, where forms appear to change their orientation. Such forms seem to spontaneously reverse or turn inside-out. In so doing, they are in effect rotating around a plane – something that only a four-dimensional object can do. Combined with simultaneous contrasting colour, this can create a scintillating glimpse of an aspect of the fourth dimension. These images are the result of an attempt to refine the geometry to make it as accessible as possible, without taking away the sublime mystery four-dimensional space can evoke. .
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Paul Wright

Paul Wright’s resplendent paintings are produced by an Airbrush technique. An Airbrush allows its user to control the amount, the pressure and the speed by which paint is sprayed on to a surface. Once the technique is mastered, it becomes a perfect method to produce photo realistic images.
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