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Kate Dawson

Kate Dawson draws from life. Spending a great deal of time making preparatory drawings within the life room setting, Kate then creates, using her drawings for anatomical and aesthetic reference, larger scale paintings. Her natural ease with line and her instinct for colour and form keeps each painting feeling fresh and spontaneous.
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Alexandra Dickens

Alexandra Dickens has been successfully painting and exhibiting for over twenty years. Vibrant abstracts to evocative seascapes, her passion for paint and the physical act of painting is clearly visible in all her works. Her talent and dedication have enabled her to exhibit throughout the world with British commissions including TNA, Birmingham. Porthmeor Beach cafe, St Ives. The Zone Hotel, Newquay.
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Joe Ford

Joseph Ford’s photographs concentrate on colour, texture and form. He often uses unfamiliar viewpoints or selective focus to draw the viewer’s attention to small details. The process of architectural decay fascinates him and many of his photographs incorporate photographs of corroding surfaces taken from the former Eastern Bloc countries. Originally from London, Joseph Ford is now based in Paris, although he regularly travels and exhibits in the UK.
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Andy  Gradwell

Gradwell’s colourful compositions abstract from the familiar, juxtaposing the ‘real’ with the abstract to produce well balanced, fluid paintings.
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Greg Gregson

Deep earthy hues, delicate yet expressive gestures create these wonderfully organic figurative landscapes. Greg Swentna is a Russian born artist who now lives and works in San Francisco. Exhibiting his work globally, he has numerous works in prestigious private collections throughout America.
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Scarlet  James

James has no qualms about manipulating, falsifying, altering her photographs in order to produce these dramatic and beautiful photographs. Great value for money, they are perfect for your home or office.
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Mike Janes

Mike's background in the Building Industry is of great influence to him as an artist. This current series of works, exhibited on LondonArt, directly examines and reflects the effects of manual labour on the building site and it’s effect on the skin. Rather than using traditional painting methods and mediums, Mike chooses to compound the imagery, using the very same materials and skills associated with the trade.
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Marianne  Kreeger

Spending her time rummaging and rescuing discarded and leftover materials, no longer of use within their context. Kreeger’s images are inspired by and reflect the decay and regeneration of the urban environment.
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Nacho Lascaray

Nacho Lascaray has exhibited widely in Spain. He devotes his creative time developing the expressive qualities of materials not normally associated with painting. These include Sand, Concrete, Tar, Marble and Metal. Created on a horizontal surface, the works are usually on canvas or wood. The resulting forms have a simple, direct quality with distinct shapes. The use of materials such as burlap and varnish endow the work with further texture and raised surfaces. At times the images appear embossed and there is a strong interplay betwen positive and negative space within each composition. His use of industrial materials produces incredibly delicate, elegant artworks.
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Joerg Lothmann

Joerg’s simplistic yet affective paintings would brighten up any room. We think they would be best seen hanging on a wall of contrasting primary colour, although admittedly they would look equally as effective on a more neutral background.
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