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Charles  Stuart

Boats are beautiful. Colour and form combine with the sea, sand and the young at heart. Wooden boats decay gracefully on the beach, brilliant colours fading only gradually. Light changes colour as colour changes mood. Light rules, The sun rises, falls, moves across the sky, Time passes, life moves on. Holiday pictures,moments in time, smell the sea, scent the flowers, soak up all this colour, While the sea is away.
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Hélène Sutin &  Qian Chong

Thick outlines and varying colour schemes bring this work a expressionistic style and vivid life. Backgrounds swirl and figures stare out or recline in intensely atmospheric rooms. The paintings of Helene Sutin and Qian Chong are both technically skillful and emotionally alive. Portraits fizzle with human intensity and eyes glaze over in saddness or bliss. Backgrounds bring an added layer of feeling as the palette and textures combine beautifully. The famous image of Mao is re-imagined in a unique style and given a modern twist. Powerful art from a promising artist.
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Mykal  A. Wright

Mykal A. Wright paints in a variety of styles displaying a wide range of skills. He is greatly inspired by art history and seeks to capture and understand beauty. He uses oils to paint in one of two styles: the first is influenced by Classical art using glazing and precise details to depict clothing, nature or architecture. The second is more Romantic; with looser, thicker brushwork, seeking to express emotions concentrating on wild scenes of nature portraying animals and people.
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Antonio Abadia

Antonio Abadia was born in 1984, in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico. At only twenty two Antonio Abadía has developed a fascination in the indigenous people of his state. In April 2006 he founded a non profit, non governmental organisation, Raiz Indigena. The organisation provides a space for indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico to exhibit and sell their art work and runs free workshops for the indigenous people. Escobar now devotes all his time to the organisation and his painting. For further information on his life please refer to his CV pages.
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Zahra Abedy

London-based painter, Zahra makes highly decorative oil paintings using bold colours. Her sensitive approach is evident throughout the variety of images mixing Modernist styles. Surreal foms and complex intertwining narratives abound to tell stories of spiritual moments of the soul.
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David Abse

David Abse was born in London in December 1958 and went to Art School in Wolverhampton in the 1980s. He worked for many years in the voluntary sector in the UK - including several years as a union representative, and more years as CEO of Islington Voluntary Actiion Council (IVAC). After leaving IVAC in 2005 David set up a freelance consultancy business, Throughout these years David continued drawing and painting part time. Five years ago he moved to France, and returned to painting, drawing and printmaking full time, living with his family in a small house in the beautiful medieval village of Les Matelles in the Hérault. His works span abstraction and figurative repreesntation and often executed in mixed media and spraypaint.
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Karen Adamson

Since graduating from Leicester Polytechnic, Karen Adamson has had a number of solo shows in St Helens, Newcastle and has also exhibited in Norway. "My passion is fabric, colour and design and I like to create images using new techniques and different mediums."
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Abi Adeyemi

Abi Adeyemi is an abstract painter predominantly working in acrylic on canvas. For Abi the act of creation is one of invention, exploration and experimentation. Only recently discovering her natural ability to translate her thoughts and emotions in to a visual language, Abi is developing her creative skills as she paints, gaining hands on experience with the materials and techniques as well as fine tuning her intuition and aesthetic as she goes along. The range of form, colour and scale found throughout her work reflects this stage of Abi Adeyemi's artistic development and allow us an insight into her life.
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Dariya Afanaseva

DARIYA AFANASEVA Russian artist Dariya Afanaseva’s work is an instinctive mixture of figurative and abstract expressionist forms. Her images aim to capture the most elusive experiences of life; the nuance of human relationships, memory and consciousness. She successfully recreates a sense of fleeting sensation in her dynamic works, highly charged images that simultaneously deny and invite recognition. Her figurative abstractions are simplifications of reality, where detail is eliminated leaving only the essence or some degree of familiar form. Varying between monochrome and a violent, rash mixture of colour she currently works with acrylic on canvas and mixed media.
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Ruchika Agarwal

Characterised by the sinuous swirling form of the arabesque, Ruchika's art has a simplicity that is very engaging. Colourful patchworked geometric backgrounds are the setting for expressions of love.
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