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Frank Hill

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Frank Hill has a natural affinity for colour and form. Using delicate and refined hues and washes of colour, his work is intrinsically graceful, elegant and full of atmosphere and charm. "Essentially my interest is portraying elegance which is the reason for using ballet as a subject. I believe it is possible to make an elegant painting whatever the subject. Just groups of people in a well balanced composition with a pleasing colour scheme can look extremely elegant." Frank studied painting at the Waltham Forest School of Art. He subsequently spent a number of years working as a designer and illustrator for various design and commercial art studios, before concentrating solely on his painting
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Rebecca Hong

Art can be found anywhere. Rebecca discovered it as a ten year old, in hospital, on its white walls which served as her canvas. Since then, and throughout her life, she has been painting the things that surrounded her early years. Her father, a doctor, and his patients, provided a stream of references to what Francis Bacon termed as 'the human condition'. Rebecca was literally surrounded by illness, injury, birth and death. Rebecca says that the process of creating art is just as important as the result. "I start almost always from the depths of shadow, which I eliminate layer by layer to reveal the light", she explains.
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Catherine Heard

While Catherine's condiment works look like random collections of kitchen basics, they are in fact psychological profiles of their owners - portraits that can tell us more about their subjects than more traditional head-and-shoulders daubs. She also captures the recognisable brands with loving attention to detail.
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Matthew Hayward

Matthew Hayward, twice runner up of the prestigious NatWest Painting Prize, has the talent and skill to bypass the question of technique, permitting us to engage both on an emotional and aesthetic level without being forced to react to any physical and technical misgivings. See Artist of the Week for more information.
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Marc  Howe

Howe’s figurative images depict a harliqin, a mute and seemingly invisible, isolated and detached characteur, masked and dressed in a brightly coloured diamond- patterened costume.
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Daniel Holliday

Holliday’s narrative prints and paintings combine a naive, simplistic painting style with a sarcastic, adult wit. Enabling him to produce some aggressively humorous images.
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Susan Hippe

Hippe’s sassy paintings demand a vibrant, contemporary space with a playful, mischievous owner to boot. They’re refreshingly energising, over flowing with jovial optimism.
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Sergej Hahonin

SERGEJ HAHONIN Russian born Sergej Hahonin studied painting in Omsk then at Krasnojarsk Academy of Art in Siberia where he specialized in ceramics and pottery. His masterly depiction of the human figure displays his classical training and native skill, as a 4-year old child he won the award for the best painting in Soviet Union drawn by a pre-school child.He has enjoyed a long career as both a painter and curator in Russia and Slovenia. His work reflects the influence of Gustav Klimt’s art nouveau style, particularly his ‘Golden phase’, in his choice of female form as his main subject matter, his sensual and intense use of colour and frank eroticism. His dynamic use of paint integrates accident and the uncontrolled to express themes of passion and sexuality, he adapts art nouveau forms to a tribal style.
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Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall is an established portrait painter with over fifteen years experience of portraiture commissions. His wealth of experience and natural talent for capturing the likeness of the sitter, their personality and character has lead to a number of high profile commissions and work held in private collections throughout the UK and Europe.
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Nichollas Hamper

Over the last twenty years Hamper’s art work has appeared in many publications across Britain. His work is like conversing with an old friend, even if you are not familiar with the artists name.
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