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Charles Willmott

Charles Willmott has been painting since the early 1960's. During 1991 his first one-man show was staged at London's Mall Galleries. In more recent times Charles has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Royal Ballet. This dedication to the stage and performance achieved him a finalist place in the prestigious Garrick/Milne Prize. Today Charles's divides his work equally between Portraiture, Female Form and Dance.
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Zachary Walsh

Without a doubt Zachary Walsh’s paintings demonstrate outstanding qualities of draftsman ship and reflect a sensitive gift for portraiture. Zachary Walsh produces some savagely beautiful paintings
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David  Watmough

David Watmough was born in Lincolnshire where he spent the early part of his career. In 1972 he moved to London to Study at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. The knowledge and technique David Watmough has acquired, in a career spanning over 30 years has become his anchor rather than a dead weight, and with each new work his creativity enlightens. "I believe that a picture can make a difference to a person's life - particularly a hand made image." Says David - and in him and his work we believe too.
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Brian West

Born in 1945 Brian West began painting in oils at a very early age. Now focusing his obvious natural talent within the world of sport, Brian successfully portrays the drama, colour and spectacle of a huge range of sporting events and activities. He has exhibited widely with great success, and has been commissioned by many famous names from the world of sport. Including Gary Lineker O.B.E, Peter Shilton O.B.E, M.B.E, Sir Alex Ferguson C.B.E, Gordon Strachan O.B.E, Sir Jack Hayward, David Gower O.B.E and many others. Additionally undertaking painting commissions for sporting institutions such as the Football Association, The Sports Council, Wembley Stadium Plc, The British Olympic Sailing Team and various football cricket and rugby clubs.
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Shane Wheatcroft

The main themes I deal with in my work are popular culture, celebrity, the press and politics. I'm particularly interested in the way that popular culture repeatedly presents contradictory messages, and I like to highlight these contradictions and play around with them in my work. I always like to include a humerous element in my work, as personally I've always learnt a lot more about the state of the world through comedy and satire than the mainstream media. Artistically, I'm inspired by art that's bold and full of colour, such as Pop artists of the fifties and sixties, and abstract artists such as Frank Stella.
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Audrey Walas

The most striking element of the paintings of Audrey Walas is the heightened use of chiaroscuro, applied in the paintings here to both horses and female nudes. There is a mystery aroused by this technique as applied to these subjects, the horse perhaps in some way standing in for the sensitive, highly strung aspects of the female psyche. Mist, breath, attention... in short: the intangible is the focus of Walas' oils on canvas, which convey an unmistakeable air of atmosphere.
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Józefina Walczak

Józefina Walczak, breaths life in to her art through her experience of living. The inspiration for her art is drawn directly from every aspect of her life. This holistic approach has developed a heightened ability to observe and record the world around her. Each piece of art maps her observations and experiences and contains a history of her thought processes. The final piece is the result of a layering of thoughts, added and subtracted, until she finds a harmony.
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Jay Walker

In choosing themes drawn from Surrealism and fantasy, Jay Walker's art is 'at home' in the hallowed portals of Londonart. But what makes Walker's art so different is his choice of medium and, in the words of Marshall McLuhan, "The medium is the message." Walker has worked as a metal fabricator and has been able to expertly use these skills to create images that react with light and mean feat! He etches and grinds the surface of the aluminium support before spraying with layers of translucent pigments to create unique results.
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Martin Wall

Martin Wall was born in Liverpool, UK, in 1958. A self taught artist, Wall has spent twenty years documenting his life on and off shore in the oil and gas industry of the Norfolk coastline. Using painting and photography, he was recently voted fourth in The London Photographic association Still life competition and is currently specialising in acrylic on canvas. Finding inspiration from, "the contrasting elements of his life, the harsh heavy oil and gas industry and the beautiful Norfolk coastal landscape and natural environment." His work is in private collections, including the Director's Area in, Shell Europe headquarters and in, Shell Onegas headquarters in the Netherlands.
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