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Richard Young

Richard Young is a British artist living and working in Devon. Richard only recently returned to painting after a number of years travelling the world as a Design Engineer. Taking great inspiration from figurative artists such as Modiglian and Bouguereau, he now has works held in private collections worldwide. He is fascinated primarily by the human, especially female form but also dancers hold a special place in his heart. These are strong figurative works that demonstrate his admirable command of the painting medium. But his skills of draughtsmanship are also clearly shown by his intense, emotive nudes in pastel, often seeming to reveal powerful psychological states.
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Miroslav Yotov

Miroslav Yotov's ambitious style of painting sets realistic human figures in constructed, imaginative scenarios whose elements are nevertheless clearly seen and delineated. Spatially experimental, the works adhere to naturalistic textures but colour is used in a more emotional, expressive way. Towards the painting's edge, paint becomes less concrete, becoming cloud- like or flattening out completely. The eye of the viewer is led around the composition by way of various diagonal lines to create a dynamic composition. Grand symbols from Classical art such as nudes, drapes or statuary are combined with everyday symbols: a chair, a bathroom mirror or saxophone; giving the works a more contemporary feel. Yet the effect created is one of a grand Romantic drama of epic proportions.
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J Youngerman

Fresh from exhibiting alongside some of the biggest names in contemporary art, Youngerman now brings his striking take on Pop Art to LondonArt. Taking contemporary themes and emotions and portraying them through an arresting style he creates works which are both modern and timeless. Endlessly inspired by the notion of language as art, this painter expresses the inner thoughts of his subjects in a way reminiscent of cartoons and contemporary adverts. The ultra close ups he uses are perfect for emphasising the human emotion behind the drama of relationships and break ups. Anyone can understand the heartbreak of his characters as theirs is a universal pain. Emotional, yet incredibly attractive to look at, this is art full of glamour, beautiful girls and not-so-subtle suggestion. Grab an instant slice of Pop Art cool with these wonderful works. At LondonArt we are very much looking forward to seeing what this artist does next.
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