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Giuseppe Amadio

Following in the long tradition of religious icon art, Giuseppe Amadio makes stunning artworks out of egg-tempera and gold leaf. Based in Tuscany, Italy, the artist makes beautiful devotional art with skill and respect for his craft. Tradition and talent combine in this expert reproductions of masterpieces from art history. These are wonderful works for the right buyer.
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Carl Aman

Mixtures of colours blend and compliment each other in these skilfully rendered oil paintings. Typical and unusual settings are treated with respect and painted in an enjoyable and lively manner. Whether it is the cracked eggs and toast of a Sunday morning or the cultured leisure of a long, indulgent afternoon tea, meal times are captured beautifully in works perfect for any kitchen. When the artist turns his hand to the world outside he paints the bustle of a rush hour commute or the deep serenity of the Chilean landscape with equal passion. Deer faces poke out of the canvass and look make inquisitive eye contact with the viewer. These quirky and enjoyable paintings dance with life and vitality and would be perfect in any home or work space.
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Priya Anagal

Priya Anagal was born in India and is now currently living and working in the UK. Priya finds great inspiration in nature and has a passion for both traditional and contemporary Indian architecture. The forms she finds in both inspire her work greatly.
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Jaroslaw Ancuta

"In my imaginary world weirdness, beauty and satire are mixed together. Soft but intense contour and colour play the main role in my paintings, while detailed precision is the main feature in my drawings." Jaroslaw Ancuta. Jaroslaw Ancuta is a Polish artist now living and working in Kent, England. Jaroslaw studied her Masters Degree under Professor A. Klimczak and graduated in 1996 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. For a number of years she worked as an Animator for "Semafor" and "Europa" film studios in Lodz, Poland and Lectured at the Local Art College before making the decision to move to England to focus and develop her own unique artwork.
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Petrea Andrei

This incredibly talented Romanian painter creates unique and visionary works, ranging from surreal sketches to intensely expressive nudes. Painted in sunny yellows and startling blues, these are works to grab any viewer. Whether painting the inside of a contemporary man’s head or screaming figures stretching agonisingly towards an empty sky, Andrei certainly is not afraid to make art that makes a statement. The sketchy nature of some paintings gives them a nervous energy; a real vigour that makes them dance and come alive. This is art to come back to time and time again and would provide any buyer with a lifetime of interest and pleasure. Having exhibited widely in his native country, we are now very pleased to bring his work to the LondonArt customers.
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Alice Andreoli

Alice Andreoli's most current series of works hope to explore the notion of the student, 'gap year'. "Gap year" means the need, for the young people at a certain time of their life, to suspend any activity, any plan involving an existential project, in order to reflect upon themselves and their future." she says, adding, "My work is aimed to symbolize and understand this existential gap." Born in 1979 Andreoli studied a postgraduate in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. She has participated in numerous exhibitions across Italy where she presently lives and works and has works in numerous private collections.
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XY ankamierzejewska

A painting is deemed to be expressionistic if it distorts the image significantly in order to create an image that matches the one in the painter’s mind. This collection is of very beautiful expressionistic works that glow and growl with a potent energy and pop with a colourful explosion onto the canvass. See how her rendering of Andy Warhol moves with an intense energy, befitting its subject perfectly. The greens and reds collide emphatically, causing the forms to dance in front of the viewers’ eyes. Her series on the great painters shows the enthusiasm and personality of each artist, while also creating a fabulous series of individual works. In her hands, Pepsi cans come to life and interact in a most familiar manner, writhing and bonding with the most human of touches. She paints with such a wonderful style and individualistic touch, only the most cold-hearted viewer would fail to be moved. Check out the extensive list of her exhibitions in Poland and enjoy viewing this lively work.
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Mirek Antoniewicz

"My mind has always perceived painting as a process in which I am lucky to participate. It is wonderful to realise that one represents a tiny moment in this animation, which has continued on the earth for many thousands of years. The pigment, paste and the surface remain equally important as they were thousands of years ago. Nothing much has changed in this respect at all. I find the colours of the earth very close: ochres, siennas, umbers, and sepias. They beautifully render the mood of flowing time. Therefore, I have used these colours to paint vessels where water, olive oil and wine is stored." Mirek Antoniewicz
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Victoria Ascanio

Victoria Ascanio is a Spanish artist who studied at the Ruskin College of Art in Oxford. She produces images of bathers: a traditional choice of subject matter since Titian, Michelangelo & Rembrandt. This subject was taken up again by Modern artists such as Seurat, Cezanne, Picasso & Matisse in order to develop stylistic innovations and express new attitudes toward the portrayal of the human form. Ascanio continues this innovation and is one of our few artists who explores the printmaking process known as collagraphy. This technique involves gluing a variety of textured materials to a cardboard or metal base before putting through the printing press, ensuring that an element of chance is included as well as the skilful manipulation of materials.
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Helena Aschbacher

Helena Aschbacher uses her long term memory to revisit her childhood. Helena experienced a particularly happy childhood which "filled her with memories to treasure for a life time". This sense of happiness is reflected in all her work and is echoed in their real sense of beauty. By translating particular memories and associated emotions into a visual language, Helena hopes to capture her memories and "freeze them in time".
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