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Raina Babacheva

Raina Babacheva specialises in Lithography, which is a method of print making. Based on the chemical repellence of oil and water, the designs are drawn or painted with greasy ink or crayons onto a specially prepared limestone. The stone is moistened with water, which the stone accepts in areas not covered by the crayon. An oily ink, applied with a roller, adheres only to the drawing and is repelled by the wet parts of the stone. The print is then made by pressing paper against the inked drawing. Graduating from the National Art Academy of Sofia in 1994, Raina Babacheva now lives and works in Britain.
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Wojciech Babski

The work of Wojciech Babski has a rugged, almost heroic, iconic masculinity to it. The faces and bodies of women and men appear as if in bold, with no compromise. Painted in rough hewn strokes in black and white, the colours which on the one hand either seep into or rather dominate his monochromatic underpainting style, tend to be primaries. These contribute to the unflinchingly direct effect of his work. The main themes appear to be anxiety and passion with occasional moments of peace. But as in the case of "Pale Rider" this is a calm that is just about to" kick off".
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Paul Ballard

Sensual lines and intense shading are the tools Paul Ballard uses when depicting his female forms. His expression is mostly characterised as Erotic Art, however that would limit it's appeal. Ballard says of his work that through the use of mixed media the 'female is brought to life. (They have) their own personality, but they all possess the individuality of the artist and and his love of anything sensual.' Ballard has formed a collaborative project The Beaumont Hall Studios which dedicates itself to exhibiting London's largest collection of Erotic Art.
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Maria Cristina BARACCHI

Italian artist Maria Cristina Baracchi studied Fine Art at the Institute Adolfo Venturi in her home town of Modena. At the same time she worked as a fashion designer and stylist for the family business and over the years has developed a great sensitivity to the human body and figurative style. Baracchi cites her bohemian upbringing as her main inspiration: she was trained as a little girl by her grandfather Leopold Baracchi (painter, sculptor and musician; 1905-1972) to detect imperfections in the paintings he was making. Around the same age she developed a passion for ballet and music and would endlessly paint dancers and performers. Since 2005 Baracchi has been able to devote all her energies to painting.She exhibits all over Italy and has a number of portraits in private collections.
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Wayne Barker

Wayne Barker's artistic career spans almost two decades, marked by a bitter-sweet mix of politics, poetry and passion for subversion. At times Pop Art, at others a layered deployment of traditional genres and media. From the first seduction to the twist in the gut, it is as beautiful as it is provoking.
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Jane Barnes

Kent based artist Jane Barnes paints with gouache on watercolour paper. In this series she depicts elephants and masks.
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Sally Barton

Sally Barton's expertise in the medium of watercolour is evident in the variety of images she shows on Londonart. "The Society Page" is an experimental and humorous use of this traditional medium. By rendering the laughing figures in black and white, she seems to question the function of such reportage and indeed such events.
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