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Amy Bernays

After completing her BA at Central St Martins College in 2001, Amelia Bernays' work has gone from strength to strength. In 2003 she had two high profile exhibitions which have led to a number of prominent sales. Her work is now held in numerous private collections in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles and her most recent work is represented in collections across London and the UK.
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Raffaella Bertolini

At fifteen Raffaella Bertolini began her formal training at the Liceo Artistico a. Martini College of Art in Italy. After moving to London in 1998 Bertolini became part of the underground art movement, 'Random Art' which she still has an influential role in today. Exhibiting in and around London, Random Art hope to collectively express themselves through media, film and art. She syas of her own work, "For me creating art is a way to release energy and express my inner soul; I love to watch people and observe the many different ways that they exhibit themselves, and then to recreate the idea on paper. I love colours, I use different media, I like to experiment with different styles and I never know what I am going to do next…"
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Astrida Berzina

Astrida Berzina is a Latvian artist currently living and working in London. Before completing her MA in Visual Arts in 2003, Astrida spent a number of years working as an art teacher and art therapist. Her work has now become an amalgamation of her experiences and uses fluid linear line to create psychological narratives. "I aim to make visible that what is usually invisible: the feelings, thoughts and dreams of humans, referenced to the previous long lasting experiences and cultural values of mankind." Astrida Berzina's work is in private collections in the UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, Austria, Argentina, and USA and is on display in the State Museum of Latvia and Russian Museum of Arts in Sankt Petersburg.
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Dominique Biasiori

i have been painting for 10 years now. Originally working as a photographer her passion for painting has grown in the last two years and she almost exclusively devotes her time to it. Specialising in oil on canvas her work aims to explore in a visual language "…the various states of mind, feelings, human thoughts and experiences." Dominika Czubkowska lives and works in London.
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Dominika Biernacka

Dominika Biernacka is an emerging polish artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Her digital prints on canvas feature a series of women with strong features and an inscrutable, dynamic presence.
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Georgina Birch

Since successfully completing an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2002, Georgina Birch has continued to produce some wonderfully accomplished, illustrative print work. She is presently the Consultant Print Artist at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London and has been invited to be the Artist in Residency at Intaglio Print Suppliers, London. Her limited edition prints are highly sort after and are currently on display in numerous exhibitions throughout Britain.
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lesley blackburn

The multi - coloured feasts of delight served up by Lesley Blackburn are a visual treat. Impressionistic, free-flowing swirls of paint cohere to create occasional forms: whether they be flowers, castles or still lives. Hers is a true success story of how artistic vision and determination can lead to Paradise on earth: the birth of a worldwide successful artist.
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David Blair

David Blair uses a variety of mediums and styles, which he exploits depending on his chosen subject matter. A master of acrylic and watercolour brushwork, he has now developed his skill with the airbrush. He paints extensively on canvases and paper, and to a lesser extent on steel and wood. His work is highly sort after in the USA and has growing popularity in Europe.
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