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Stephen Gibbs

Gibbs's ability to appreciate and unpretentiously reflect the true beauty of the landscape before him enables us the viewer to openly enjoy looking at his work. He has been annually selected to exhibit at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Singer and Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol for the past five years and regularly exhibits in his local art gallery in Southend-on-Sea.
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Catherine Heard

While Catherine's condiment works look like random collections of kitchen basics, they are in fact psychological profiles of their owners - portraits that can tell us more about their subjects than more traditional head-and-shoulders daubs. She also captures the recognisable brands with loving attention to detail.
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Matthew Hayward

Matthew Hayward, twice runner up of the prestigious NatWest Painting Prize, has the talent and skill to bypass the question of technique, permitting us to engage both on an emotional and aesthetic level without being forced to react to any physical and technical misgivings. See Artist of the Week for more information.
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Stewart Kenneth Moore

Stewart Kenneth Moore is a British-born painter living and working in Prague. Stewart fell in love with the city instantly - itís atmosphere and itís thriving artistic community - and quickly decided to make it his home. He is now part of an exciting group of figurative artists constantly exhibiting throughout the region.
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Brian West

Born in 1945 Brian West began painting in oils at a very early age. Now focusing his obvious natural talent within the world of sport, Brian successfully portrays the drama, colour and spectacle of a huge range of sporting events and activities. He has exhibited widely with great success, and has been commissioned by many famous names from the world of sport. Including Gary Lineker O.B.E, Peter Shilton O.B.E, M.B.E, Sir Alex Ferguson C.B.E, Gordon Strachan O.B.E, Sir Jack Hayward, David Gower O.B.E and many others. Additionally undertaking painting commissions for sporting institutions such as the Football Association, The Sports Council, Wembley Stadium Plc, The British Olympic Sailing Team and various football cricket and rugby clubs.
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Marc  Howe

Howe’s figurative images depict a harliqin, a mute and seemingly invisible, isolated and detached characteur, masked and dressed in a brightly coloured diamond- patterened costume.
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Dexter N Mahomed

Mahomedís haunting images push the tradition of oil paintings to produce images reminiscent of contemporary film stills or warehouse installations.
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Malcolm Ludvigsen

When Malcom Ludvigsen is not painting, he is a professor of mathematics, specialising in relativity and cosmology and the author of a well-known book on relativity, black holes, and cosmology. Malcom's hand's on approach to painting is living proof of the connection between Science and Art.
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Wayne Robinson

"The sharp, splintered forms of the woodcut process allow me to render images free of the tethers of sentiment and allow atmosphere and mood to predominate. I choose to execute my images on planks of wood that already wear the scars of use and have their own history ingrained in their surface. Careful selection of primary materials combined with the action of gutting and carving allow an unlimited vocabulary of additive and subtractive marks to make stark, dramatic, black and white imagery as well as supporting veils of colour and texture."
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Sally Gatie

Sally Gatie hopes to reflect a sense of hope and peace within her work. Sally paints her children while they are asleep, showing them in a natural state of peace. "While working on a painting my thoughts drift into another time and place where everything makes senseÖall my questions are answered. It leaves me with the feeling that everything is fine, and everything will be fine. The painting then becomes a map of my life and the problems within the painting are waiting to be solved". Sally works from her studio in Scarborough and exhibits throughout the UK.
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