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Michael Knight

Michael Knight is a self-taught painter and book illustrator with a distinctive style. Born in Canada he now lives and works in Forcalquier, Haute-Provence, France. His paintings are found in collections in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
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Bill Knowles

The drawings of Bill Knowles shown here seem to originate in the Life room but end up somewhere else. They suggest the barre in the ballet studio or the putting green where the final hole is to be played. A keen golfer, Knowles brings his interest and way of life into his drawings, infusing them with movement, humour and other concerns. The first is easy to decipher, as the life model leans, her weight distributed over the head of the club. But the second is rather more wayward, becoming more Surreal as a female figure could be putting on stockings (reminiscent of Allen Jones) or even working some form ofDuchampian machinery.
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Joshua Knox

Building on the grand tradition of dystopian, quasai-religious nightmares, Joshua Knox creates art which creeps into the subconscious. It is the stuff of nightmares and shadowy corners, smokey visions hazily recalled in the darkness. Using monotone blacks and greys in claustrophobic intensity, he intimidates his audience with the jet black outlines of his ghoulish figures. This is not work for the feint hearted, and neither was it intended to be. For the discerning connoisseur of darkness, these works are a real treat.
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Peter Kolanko

Peter Kolanko was born in 1987 in Jaslo, Poland. He obtained a Master of Arts in Cracow in 2013. He uses a variety of media to produce his works, which are of a symbolic nature. He is a firm believer in the role of intuition in the creative process. He says, " A piece of art is a phantasm in which the alternative lives of symbols, forms and meanings take place."
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Julia Kolomoytseva

Julia Kolomoytseva's subject matter ranges from figures of all ages to still life although there are a few landscapes. Her range of colour could be described as veering towards a cool palette of mauves, blue and green with occasional splashes of warm orange, reminiscent of Bonnard. her paint application is in no way graphic or hard edged but softly evocative, in a build up of brushstrokes of an impressionist nature. Her nudes are delicate and well observed, whilst her portraits capture the authentic characteristics of her subjects..
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Evangelos Konstantelos

Evangelos Konstantelos is a London based artist, poet and philosopher. He gained a Ph.D from the University of Salford in 2013, writing on the terror inflicted by the military and the concept of victimhood. He investigates meanings that concern the contemporary individual and reflects notions from the great tank of ideas, history. His main interests include the concepts of socio-historic Imaginary, Autonomy, War, Democracy, State and the futility of human existence.
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Malgorzata Korenkiewicz

Malgorzata Korenkiewicz is a figurative painter working in Oil on Canvas. His enthusiasm for life and his passion for painting is clearly reflected in his art. His depiction of figures in movement combined with his energetic painting technique creates a real sense of energy and vivacity within each work.
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