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Daniel Cimmermann

Daniel is a figurative painter based in London. He has travelled widely in the far-east and is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, art and design. Relocating to Tokyo, Japan in January 2005, Daniel intends to pursue his interests there and create a new body of work. Exhibiting extensively throughout the U.K. Daniel has also shown work in The BP Portrait Award, at The National Portrait Gallery, London on several occasions and was selected for Northern Graduates after graduating in 2001.
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Dalia Cistovaite

Dalia Cistovaite is a Lithuanian-based artist working in acrylics and oils who studied painting in Vilnius Art Academy. Her paintings are held in private collections in Japan, US, Italy, Sweden and Lithuania. "The main idea I try to express is LIGHT, JOY, BLISS, HOLINESS, never ending human longing for harmony, happiness, eternity, inner secrets of soul and spirit"
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Daisy Clarke

Daisy Clarke is a narrative painter specialising in oil and collage on canvas. Her work draws on specific memories from her childhood and is often inspired by classic literature, such as Wuthering Heights', The Leopard and Great expectations. "As a child I would look at spine of the book on the shelf and imagine from the title what the book was about." Daisy says. One character that still remains as vibrant in her imagination today, and often appears in her paintings is Charles Dickens's famously grotesque character Miss Haversham, taken from the classic novel Great Expectations. "My characters inhabit a Childs world gone wrong, things are out of perspective. In silent landscapes strange things move in." Daisy adds. Travelling to Thailand and Mexico her work often explores her journeys through her paint collage and pictorial narrative.
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Patricia Clements SWA

Patrica clements’ work is undoubtedly influenced by the French Impressionist movement of the 1900’s, and takes influence from some of the great artists such as Degas, Monet, Manet and Renoir. Patricia is heavily influenced by colour and her work tends to use only the pure colours of the spectrum, in addition to white. The placing side-by-side of fragments of these pure colours has become central to her ideas, along with the simplification of light and shade in the presentation of mass rather than outline. Although we don't immediately see every detail of every petal, or buildings, her work forms a strong impression of the flowers, the light hitting the water, the shade of the nearby building. Working in oils and pastels, producing still lifes, landscapes and nudes of scenes that range from Twickenham to St.Tropez, Patricia's resulting work reflects the vibrant colours and brilliant light of the South of France.
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Cyril  Coetzee

Cyril Coetzee is fasinated with the interchange between culture, beliefs, and mythologies. Living and working in South Africa, Cyrill Coetzee’s, emblematic paintings received momentous acclaim in the 1980’s. He was later invited to paint the largest commissioned canvas in South African History, measuring a phenomenal twenty-eight meters square. It now hangs in the William Cullen Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
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Annalisa Colombara

These tasteful creations show that the artist has a wonderful eye for detail and fantastic painterly hand. Using a tasteful minimalism Colombara selects just the right details to highlight in order to bring her canvasses to life. Light and airy with a skilful touch, these are works that resonate with a delicate light and subtle suggestion of form. The energy and movement within these paintings is truly astounding considering the restraint of the details. A truly gifted watercolour painter, Annalisa is a welcome addition to the LondonArt family.
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Peter Colquhoun

Peter Colquhoun is an artist of extreme versatility and excellent professional standing. Residing in New York, he has received numerous prestigious grants and has exhibited widely across the United States and Europe. Equally adept at capturing landscape, cityscape, still life or domestic interiors, he paints in oils with a sure knowledge of perpective and light. The still lives are constructed in a way which seem to expose the clear underlying geometry of things.
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Nicolae Comanescu

Nicolae Comanescu is a Romanian artist living and working in Bucharest. A truly European artist, Nicolae's work was exhibited in the 2002 Trieste Contemporanea, Young European Artist program which was held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania. His work is inspired by the city, its expansion and growth…" The city abounds in many shapes and colors and inspires its citizens with its ever-expanding energies. Inside the city art has become concrete reality; architectural blueprints, constructive ideas are shaped into visible, tangible, habitable bureaus, flats, homes, hotels and cinema's. Inside the city art has rediscovered its entertainment value."
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Herve Constant

Constant's grainy, earthly paintings have a secret, mystically, misty feel to them. Electrifyingly ominous air in the environments he creates send a tingle to the back of the neck. Constant's paintings have a fantastically intriguing quality to them.
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