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Jolanta Danenbergs

Danenbergs portraits reflect the personality of each of her models in every wrinkle and crease. If you fancy a portrait of yourself or your loved one to hang in your home or office contact Londonart.
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The  Darkworld Project

Gary Skinner creates these strange urban landscapes by amalgamating digitally generated imagery with hand painted imagery in oil paint. This results in some rather distinctive pictorial situations and settings, which are often ominous and always intriguing.
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lou davies

Artist Lou Davies is a professional watercolourist whose commitment to providing excellent works of art means using only the best materials. She uses creates archival watercolour paint on archival paper, which is acid-free. These are works that will last for a century or more without fading. The primary allure of watercolours is their luminosity, whereby the white of the support beneath, shines out through the pigment, Just as Davies' deft skills shine through in her sensitive depiction of flora and fauna.
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Lawrence Douglas  Davis. NS

Lawrence Douglas Davis is a British artist living and working in Portsmouth. Although Lawrence Davis's figurative Sculpture could be seen as heavily classical in its style and form, his choice of medium gives his work a lighter more contemporary and somewhat more delicate twist.
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Kim Davison

Kim Davison's, semi abstract works find their inspiration from the human form and forms found in nature. Fluid and graceful, her work hopes to reflect our basic core emotions. Painting as a means of expressing her inner self, her work leaves a prolific visual trail of thought and in doing so reflects a universal sense of hope, love, passion and desire. Kim's work has been exhibited across Britain, including London's infamous Olympia Exhibition and is held in private collections across the UK.
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julian day

Julian Day is a highly accomplished artist trained at Central St Martins School of Art. He was a finalist in the prestigious BP Portrait award in 1997 and his work was exhibited in London's National Portrait Gallery. His unique style of painting is a result of an unusual process: he never uses white paint! Instead, he wipes paint away revealing the primed canvas beneath. He is one of those artists who possesses consummate skill yet also allows a sense of humour to emerge through his choice of subject matter. Embracing kitsch and the domestic but not in an ironic way, his narratives play with art history: a rubber duck at night time against the black background of a Dutch Master or potatoes enacting the"Last Supper.".
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Maurizio De Angelis

Maurizio de Angelis is a London-based realist painter who specialises in portraiture. He has been working in oils for over 15 years and demonstrates a great facility in this medium. Most of his commissions are private.
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Tatiana  de Stempel

Specialising in oil and canvas and ink on rice paper, Tatiana De Stempelís work combines the human figure with symbolic imagery. The permutation of elements seems to create a biographical code by which she explores and develops her own unique visual language. Tatiana De Stempel currently lives and works in London.
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Annabel de Vetten

Painting in a distinct retro style, Annabel de Vetten is inspired by iconic figures from the world of music, sport and cinema. Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, Annabel moved to the UK as a teenager and now lives and works in Birmingham, England. Over the past decade, Annabel has exhibited across the UK, including exhibitions in London and Birmingham. Annabelís work has received substantial media coverage and has been featured in a number of national publications including, The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Mirror, Heat Magazine, Location Location Magazine, Elle Decoration, and Marie Claire.
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Michel Demart

Michel Demart's unique aesthetic vision stands out for its delicacy and succinctness. He uses watercolour in an unusual way, setting precisely drawn objects against a wash of pastel colours. The representational backgrounds lure the viewer into believing they are immersed in a sky or seascape when, in a style not unlike that of Magritte or Dali, an unexpected object interrupts their belief often to humorous effect. This talented artist has exhibited widely across Europe.
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