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Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson's work hopes to reflect mans struggle to enhance and harness the natural world. Johnson's use of an underlying geometric structure combined with his erratic and frenetic mark making capture the spirit of contemporary urban living. "It is the idea of an industrialised environment's denial of human mortality that interests me." says Johnson… "My work tries to address the idea that our surrounding fabricated environment often seems incapable of sustaining the creatures that have built it all and now must exist within its framework."
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Yvonne Johnson

Specialising in Charcoal on paper, Yvonne Johnson spends a great deal of time in the life room. This form of dedicated study encourages and strengthens her ability to look, in this case at the human form, and to reflect what she is able to see and experience in front of her. It also reinforces her ability to visually create 'life like' representations by relying on her imagination and memory. Trained at Leeds Art College, a finalist of a National Art Prize, Yvonne Johnson now exhibits in London.
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steve johnston

Steve Johnston is a contemporary Scottish artist whose creates paintings in oil and acrylic. Perhaps the most striking aspect of his paintings is how the celebratory subject matter is portrayed in a sombre, muted palette, thereby rendering them as kitsch. The abstract soft focus backgrounds serve to isolate the figures, creating an alienating effect.
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Libby  Jones

Although Libby Jones initially trained as a Sculptor she has always used printmaking as a sketching medium. Although she continues to produce installations and sculpture her printmaking has now become her main interest, specifically focusing on Screen Printing and Mono Printing techniques.
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mathew jones

Mathew studied Fine Art at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, where he trained as a painter. In his recent work he has been exploring the effects of corrosion, creating residual images from chosen items placed on various surfaces, inspiration coming from the human body.
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Edward Joy

Once upon a time, Edward faced a choice. Ahead of him lay a number of options, one was to art, another the stage. He chose the stage. However, a number of years later, the choice came back, and it was visual art which won his heart. Edward says that the breakthrough moment occurred while looking at the fantastic Monet paintings at Musee d'Orsay in Paris. Edward believes in magic and understands it as something exceptional and breathtaking. He admires 'magical' characters, places and objects and hopes to pass a little bit of magic in his gloriously colourful paintings.
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John Jukes Johnson

The work of John Jukes Johnson is created using a wide variety of methods. The works shown here comprise monoprint and textural collages on paper; often using phototransfers on paper or canvas. The works are abstract and at times contain elements of figuration. They employ grid formats and geometric shapes. The use of sand in "Marginals (2 panels)" somehow evokes the textural works of Alberto Burri, whilst at times the artist's art is redolent of Enrico Baj or Robert Rauschenberg with his use of photographic montage. A number of different Modernist art languages are cited and together there is a play between the textural surface and the space of the picture as a window. Throughout, there is seemingly an allusion to the ephemeral and a claim for the freedom of the artist to use whatever means necessary.
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jupiterfab jupiterfab

JUPITERFAB JUPITERFAB was born in Brescia, Italy in 1979. After completing a Fine Art degree at the Academia Bellas Artes, Brescia he subsequently completed a painting course at Academia Siglo XXI in Valencia and the Circulo Cultural Sant LLuc, Barcelona. Currently living and painting in Barcelona, he exhibits his work across Italy and Spain, where it is held in private collections.
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Panayiotis  Kalorkoti

Panayiotis Kalorkoti's art work is inspired by a diverse range of influences and aesthetics. An acute observer of life his eclectic mix of influences, ranges from graffiti and street art through to artists such as Hogarth, Matisse, Picasso, R.B Kitaj and Eduardo Paolozzi. The result is a humorous, sometimes tragic look at modern society. His work is in numerous private collections including the British Council, Imperial War Museum, Arts Council of England, and The Ministry of Education in Cyprus, Rank Xerox and IBM. He has exhibited in The Whitechapel, the Barbican and numerous high profile galleries across the UK and abroad.
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Héléna Madina Kanouté

Héléna Madina Kanouté produces these unusual relief works by combining traditional sculpture materials and concerns with that of a painter's. Using both Plaster and Acrylic colour, Héléna creates, slightly smaller than life size, relief works based on the human form. With the aid of colour, each sculptural form is then carefully placed within a pictorial space to form a sense of balance and poise within the whole composition.
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