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Mohd Feroz Khan

Mohd Feroz Khan has spent the last eight years studying under India's infamous painter Manjit Bawa. Feroz's father Ibrahim, a banner painter from Delhi, has also played an inspirational role in his life. Together the two generations of artist seek out inspiration from their surrounding environment. Feroz Khan's latest series of works focuses on the deprived areas of New Delhi. Haunting images of the elderly, rickshaw workers, beggars and children all hope to sensitively reflect some of the despondency he finds within the city. In 2004 Feroz Khan traveled to Barcelona to work on a project with Rajiv Sethi. Currently living in New Delhi, his work is in private collections across India and abroad.
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Saba  Khan

Recently making a splash in Modern Painters and Aesthetica magazines, Saba Khan's contemporary oil and mixed-media paintings and drawings explore moments in what she describes as "our random, surreal emotional, spiritual, sensual and geopolitical lives". For her, making art is about simultaneously engaging in mind, body, spirit and physical spaces where seen and unseen worlds intermingle and fluctuate. "Concerned about a shiny, artificial, branded geopolitical world where the majority do not benefit, I eventually face an image that is both fragmenting and optimistic, like the beginning of something new yet familiar that had always existed, but was not previously noticed. I work on the principle of the ‘death of the author’, once a work is made, what I have experienced and expressed is dead and the onlooker interacts with a blank canvas where a new world ebbs and flows’.
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Rusudan Khizanishvili (gobejishvili )

Rusudan Khizanishvili is a young contemporary artist working in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. With influences drawn from great artists such as Gauguin and Cezanne, Khizanishvili's work visibly acknowledges the history of painting and the paintings of the great masters. Her confident use of colour, combined with a palpable and often sensuous handling of oil paint demonstrates a maturity beyond her twenty seven years. Rusudan's approach to both the handling of paint and compositional construction reflects a healthy knowledge of what has come before her, while at the same time clearly display a contemporary set of values and codes of practice. Graduating with a painting degree from the Tbilisi state Academy of Art, Rusudan went on to complete an MA in Media in 2005.
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Helen Kholin

Helen Kholin produces powerful, intense artworks with a great energy. Her titles encapsulate the inspiration or narratives, which emerge out of her heroic tussle with paint. In each work, one may detect the visual shapes or effects that embody her ideas and emotions; passages of light, interlocking geometric forms or swirling curlicues of fancy. Her paintings speak confidently about life in a language we can all understand.
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There is a sensitive handling of paint and unusual use of colour in the work of Robert Kilshaw. The paintings have strong graphic elements and most have a strong reliance on pattern. Works such as "Balancing the Sun" directly work with Japanese symbolism and this continues in the pensive figure in "Changing Times". There seems to be a Gauguin-like fascination for the interior world of the female, often seemingly Japanese figure. He obviously has excellent draughtsmanship and this is combined with a delicate scumbled use of oil paint where colour is something almost unassuming and tentative. It is almost as if he does not wish to intrude upon the space of the female under his watchful, caring eye.
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Iryna Kitayeva

In this work an image of a bird is wonderfully reduced to its most simple base parts and shown as an expression of the creature. Set against a deep red background, the squares and forms make up the image of the bird without seeking to represent it naturalistically. Her handling of a sunset uses the same technique to great effect, showing the component parts of light and shadow playing against a distant horizon. Her formal pieces show that she can paint the human form with a technically talented hand and am imaginative style. Her work is unique and graceful and would make a welcome addiction to any collector’s home.
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Michael Knight

Michael Knight is a self-taught painter and book illustrator with a distinctive style. Born in Canada he now lives and works in Forcalquier, Haute-Provence, France. His paintings are found in collections in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
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Bill Knowles

The drawings of Bill Knowles shown here seem to originate in the Life room but end up somewhere else. They suggest the barre in the ballet studio or the putting green where the final hole is to be played. A keen golfer, Knowles brings his interest and way of life into his drawings, infusing them with movement, humour and other concerns. The first is easy to decipher, as the life model leans, her weight distributed over the head of the club. But the second is rather more wayward, becoming more Surreal as a female figure could be putting on stockings (reminiscent of Allen Jones) or even working some form ofDuchampian machinery.
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Joshua Knox

Building on the grand tradition of dystopian, quasai-religious nightmares, Joshua Knox creates art which creeps into the subconscious. It is the stuff of nightmares and shadowy corners, smokey visions hazily recalled in the darkness. Using monotone blacks and greys in claustrophobic intensity, he intimidates his audience with the jet black outlines of his ghoulish figures. This is not work for the feint hearted, and neither was it intended to be. For the discerning connoisseur of darkness, these works are a real treat.
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