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Zoe Webster

Zoe Webster's oil paintings capture some of London's most scenic landmarks and beautiful escapist vistas of faraway holiday places. There is a wistfulness in her work that relates perhaps to her perceptiveness to the quality of light in every scene. Building up a lively impasto, the gentle curving brushstrokes she employs create an impressionistic feel.
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Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner’s work often takes the form of an extended series—each image begets yet another—which in turn is parent to the next. As each image evolves out of the one immediately preceding it an internal cohesion between images becomes apparent. This instinctive interplay creates organic themes and often-unconscious narratives between all his beautiful images, resulting in a strong and cohesive body of work. All his images are printed to the very highest standard of archival print.
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Neil Welch

Neil Welch's talent to reproduce much more than a physical representation of the human form has lead to a range of high profile commissions including, Wedgwood, England's finest china company, which is synonymous with it's beauty, and innovation for almost 250 years, and England's famous Royal Doulton. As Freelance sculptor, Welch spent seven years studying his trade and in this time found a natural empathy for the human form. His passion for depicting Greek Mythology is triggered by his love of narrative and he hopes to, "entice the viewer to envision the story the way he sees it". Neil Welch's beautiful figurative sculptures have entered in to the main stream of consciousness and will remain there for many years to come.
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Kelly Wheeler

Kelly Wheeler is an example of an artist whose ideas translate to image in a direct, unequivocal way. Her abstracts are evocative and powerfully communicative. Her figurative work is also direct and makes a statement. This can only come from someone who is deeply passionate about her subject matter,
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Anthony Leonard White

Educated at Brighton University and with several exhibitions already throughout Norway and his native UK, Anthony Leonard won the Painting prize at Northbrook College and has been nominated for the New York Exhibition. Leonard creates delicate abstract collages combined with acrylics on canvas. References to The Great War and WWII give his paintings a nostalgic touch along with his observations of rural and urban landscapes.
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David Whitfield

Davis is a portrait artist who finds German Expressionists paintings inspiring. He usually paints his figures from photographic images, and whilst making the painting, he broods over a individual's personality. His attempt is not to produce an image of close likeness, but rather to show some character, often based on his judgment and observation. The choice of colours and their application serve this purpose as well as deconstruction of photographed image does.
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Patsy Whiting

Patsy Whiting was this year's Londonart Prizewinner at the Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. She also won the Jacksons Visitors' Choice Award. Born in Bolton, she graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Fine Art and taught art for many years. This led eventually through specialist training and a further MSc degree; to an Educational Audiology post in Bolton Sensory Service, working with deaf children aged 3-18. Patsy has continued to produce art throughout her career in deaf education, however a recent visit to the Picasso museum in Paris a few years ago inspired her to begin drawing again in earnest.
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Dan  Whoarly

Dan Whoarly creates clear-cut iconographic paintings in black and white. Each large scale work, measuring just under a meter square, has been hand painted on canvas and stretched over a box frame just over five centimeters deep. The depth of the frame combined with the stark contrast of black and white, gives the work an extra level of dramatic impact.
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Marzena Wilkes

Mrs enigmatic title for a serties of enigmatic artworks...The artist takes the two themes of nature and love and weaves them together , just as she so artfully weaves the branches of trees, into a symbiotic whole. Silhouettes of curling arabesques spell out signs of adoration in the sky - a tracery of dreams. There are many permutations making"lost in love" stand out in its inky darkness.
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Andi Williams

The work of Andrew John Williams is spontaneous action painting and as such might be related to that of Jean Dubuffet and Jackson Pollock in its unfettered direct approach. Making use of oil stick, acrylics and ink he daubs throws and spatters the paint onto the canvas freely. He mainly works on loose canvas, perhaps for a more immediate relationship with the artwork. There is an all-over quality to most of his paintings, "Golden Forest", "Green Planet" and "Tribalism" evoke a unified, sensory overload whose mood is more upbeat and positive. Something for everyone, for every mood.
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