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Judi Donegan

Judi Donegan has worked as an illustrator for many years. This series of images were designed to give life to text in children's books, magazine illustrations and book covers. Apart from various private commissions she has produced a 2009 calendar of watercolours and acrylics. Recent exhibitions include the Dover Street Arts Club, London in May 2008.
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Helen Donnelly

Helen is a Landscape painter. She has an instinctive talent for using colour and form to maximize its spatial qualities. This enables Helen to appropriately create an instant illusion of depth within her landscapes. Which in turn enables her to guide the viewer’s eye up hill and down dale as it travels across the canvas.
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S Doran

After completing a degree in fine art training in 1997, Doran has spent the last ten years working developing his professional practice. When S Doran began painting landscapes, he quickly discovered that he could use the genre as a vehicle to explore ideas about the environment and human behaviour. “I usually work in watercolours, as I love the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of the medium, however, I also now work with acrylic on canvas in a similar way.” S Doran has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions around the UK, including the Mall Gallleries. London. His work is held in private collection across the South of England.
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Barbara Douglas

The physical world provides endless inspiration for artists around the world. For Barbara Douglas, the natural spaces of the African continent provide endless fascination. She captures the majesty of grazing lions with an impressionistic hand that shows their manes and figures radiating in the fading light of dusk. When she paints humans she creates images of popular stills from the movies, or of the heroism of well-known sportsman in the final stages of victory. Her work is already selling well on this site for its beautiful handling of forms and colours and we are sure that many of customers would find a good home for these beautiful canvasses.
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Claire Dowson

Born in Lowestoft, England's most easterly point, Claire Dowson has returned there having retired from teaching. She studied art in Camberwell and now uses a mix of oil and watercolours on a mix of subjects, including flowers and sky scenes.

Her strong attachment to the sea is evinced in those paintings that take an intimate approach to the subject of water. Immersing yourself in her lapping waves can feel as soothing as a day at the beach. Fancy a paddle? We certainly do!

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Stella Dunkley

Stella Dunkley takes direct inspiration from the landscapes and seascapes of the World. Painting in both oil and acrylic paint her current series of works exhibited with us, from, Burnished Seas to Saffron Skies III , exploit the beauty of the setting sun. "The subjects I find inspirational are the sea and the natural world, I enjoy experimenting with mixed media incorporating a variety of substances into the work, the colours, textures & patterns of nature are evident in my paintings." Stella Dunkley was born in the UK in 1966 and now lives and works in Christchurch.
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Bryan Dunleavy

Although Bryan Dunleavy lives by the sea, I think it is fair to say that his warm colour palette and lazy days under clear blue skies aren't inspired by the southwest of England where he spends most of his time painting. Bryan's Still life's, seaside towns and ocean views transport the viewer to a calm, relaxing and positively tranquil existence in the sun.
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Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn's photographs often use blue tone monochromatic colour or coloured sepia tones to highlight and reflect his chosen subject matter. This really does help to give his work a real sense of isolation and detachment.
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Joanne Dunn

Although Joanne Dunn regularly travels to Britain to exhibit her photography, she lives and works in a remote village in southern Italy. Capturing fleeting moments, whether it is the colour of the sky, a wind swept street or human interaction, Joanne manages to photograph small but remarkable moments that pass us all from time to time.
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