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Valerij Bodiaj

The sheer variety of works on display here show a multi-talented artist who can turn a competent hand to almost any style of painting. Deeply expressive portraits show the inherently complex nature of the human soul, while seascapes show the blissful eternity of a coastal horizon. His allegorical works allude to faith, hope and love, while his back stage scenes of jokers and actors follow a deeply routed art historical theme. Taking inspiration from his time on Englandís south coast, Bodiaj produced some lovely airy landscape works, but is also very capable of turning inwards for inspiration. His detailed studies of the effects of seasons on the natural world takes the breath away and his autumn scenes are filled with stylistic details. Mixing philosophical concepts with a deep appreciation of the harmony of the natural world, Bodiaj creates interesting and stylish works that would suit any room.
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Yuriy Bodnar

Yuriy Bodnar has a long history of exhibitions under his belt and his work has been featured in many publications. Widely collected, his oil paintings often have a sacred, iconic feel about them. Richly textured, with a deft use of the palette knife, they seem to evidence a Cubist influence, which brings life and movement to each piece. Indeed, these 'waves' of light may be perceived as metaphors for a divine spirit suffusing the image.
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Gabriel Bodnariu

Gabriel's work is pointient in its commentation on society. His impressive manipulation of oil paints is fascinating. He creates complex views and combines them with surrealist-inspired compositions. Gabriel is definitely one ot watch out for as he produces more and more intoxicating masterpieces full of symbolism.
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Armine Bozhko

Using thick impasto oil paint, Armine Bozhko uses colour and form to essentially build geometric figurative compositions. Predominantly painting in red and blue hues of opaque geometric form, Bozhko creates a sense of richness and depth within each painting. By a subtle change in colour or the addition of a curve or sweeping line, she highlights the representational subject within the canvas, yet forces our eyes to travel across the whole of the canvas. Currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine, Armine Bozhko has exhibited across Europe and has works in private collections across the Ukraine.
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Cornelia Brand

The powerful combination of elements in Cornelia Brand's working life provides her with a didactic fusion of subject, content and emotion. As a police woman living and working in South Africa, Cornelia Brand's paintings are inspired by "Ö the changes that took place in South Africa and in my life, since democracy". Through her use of vibrant colour, Brand hopes to reflect the "multifaceted nation", where she lives. "My paintings are a reflection of my complex personality and adds meaning to my life and color to those of other" She says.
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john brennan

Figurative artist John Brennan creates deft landscape paintings in oils and in watercolour. He is somehow able to capture the exact quality of light particular to each scene he chooses to represent and has the ability to work in a variety of styles.
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Robert Brook

We like art that applies a romantic sheen to everyday life. But then we also like art that shows the world as it is, without any attempt to glamourise the cities and people that surround us. The photography of Robert Brook teeters between art and photojournalism, living in a wonderful place between accurate representation and artistic selectivity. His portfolio contains images of bus stations, lamp posts, canals, power stations and intriguingly placed missing flippers. When we at LondonArt first viewed this work we were struck by its honestly and its familiarity. These images capture something of the daily reality of life in modern Britian, while simultaneously providing beautiful images that that are stylistically striking. Lovers of chic images, look away now. Robert Brook is showing us the world that we so often ignore.
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Brian Brooks

Brian Brooks has been exhibiting internationally since the 1970's with work held in private and public collections throughout Europe, the USA and Latin America. Brian has a natural talent for translating the visual world onto a two-dimensional picture plane. Utilising digital technology and computer software, his paintings use photography as a point of reference rather than a tool for direct imitation. His integral understanding of colour and perspective equals his command for pattern and repetition with an elegant and refined painting technique.
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Helen Brown

Derek Mitchell loves paint and the physical act of painting. Essentially an abstract painter, Derek applies the paint to the canvas with an energy and speed that fundamentally impassions all his work.
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Martin  Buckingham

The paintings shown here by Marting Buckingham have in common an intense interest in place and atmosphere, whether it be the more recognisable scenery of British beaches, or the more exotic rendition of a Japanese fishing village. But there is somethign about these paintings that invokes your presence as a viewer: you really feel you are there. There is a fascination with the play of water such as in "Breaking Wave" or the textures of roughly hewn chunks of rock as in "Rock Pool". But all the paintings display a masterly control of paint and a great ability to evoke atmosphere, especially one of play: play of light, play of water, play of people.
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