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Pete Kelly

Kelly finds a particularly strong aesthetic and power in the beauty of the urban landscape. "I try to see beauty around me, drawing beauty from ugliness by capturing close up textures of fading paint or graffiti, or by reducing the shape of the subject to silhouette." Pete has now been successful showing his Fine Art Photography since 1990, gaining his first notable gallery representation at whilst living in New York. Pete Kelly currently lives and works in the UK were he is represented in 5 states in the U.S and by numerous galleries in the U.K. Images available on canvas on request.
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Shaun Hines

Hines completed a City in Guilds in photography in the early eighties and quickly became dedicated to photography, the people and scenes before his camera. His early fascination with cinematography helped him to establish a comfortable relationship with the camera, and confident composure to his work. In this way Hines creates his work not as a bystander or street photographer, both of which imply a degree of passivity, but through his camera he illuminates what interests him without consciously trying to do so. His work doesnít evoke a political agenda, concept or message yet doesnít detach its self from the perception of the person that created it. He has an instinctive relationship with the camera which enables him to illuminate the feeling for the beauty or incongruity of the moment he is seeing without any seemingly conscious of preconceived effort. All of Shaun's prints are sold double mounted making them 40cm x 50cm in size.
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Alex Holland

Alex Holland has carved out a lively career as a freelance photographer. Using both black and white and colour photography, Alex's cityscapes reflect some of London's most prominent landmarks and skylines. Often shooting at night his work celebrates the development and expansion of London and recognises the architecture of both past and present, highlighting the unions, environments and impact created by it. Alex has had work published in a variety of high profile national photographic magazines and has also successfully exhibited throughout the country.
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Adrian Gatie

Adrian Gatie became synonymous with urban street photography in the early eighties and later for his portraits of prominent celebrities and personalities. His ability to observe human nature and capture the incongruity and often absurdity of a moment, exposes the humour in even the most poignant of situations.
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Paul Craven

Paul Craven began work as a photographer/journalist in the late 70ís, supplying pictures and copy for Englandís national newspapers. His powerful images have featured in advertisements, brochures and calendars throughout the world. Running parallel to his journalistic work, Cravenís passion for photographing real people in every day situations has lead him to release, for the very first time and exclusively with LondonArt, this beautiful series of black and white prints.
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Helen Sloan

Helen studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London and now specializes in Black and White Photography. Rather than capturing everyday life as it passes by her, Helen has a definite idea of the sort of emotional response she wishes her photographs to create within us. This means that she often stages the photographs, constructing a specific atmosphere by minute focus on each and every detail within the image.
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Dubi Roman

Born in Israel in 1957, Dubi Roman has been the Senior Editor for Israel Educational Television, since 1983. He is also an avid nature art photographer who now devotes his professional time between both. His images are both technically and visually outstanding and are held in numerous image libraries and private collections throughout the world. Dubi Roman's photographs have been featured in more than 30 exhibitions worldwide, won multiple awards, and have been the subject of over 30 press articles and reviews. His works are collected by corporate collectors and by individuals in Tel Aviv, the UK, and the USA. Roman is the Senior Editor at Israel Educational Television since 1983 and has been a professional Nature-Art Photographer since 1994.
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Andrew  Williams

Williams’s uses a pin hole camera to take all his photographs. This very basic and extremely romantic process has no formula, it all depends on the light and your intuitive sense of it. Some images can take up to four hours, while others take just two minutes.
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Anouk van Tetering

In 2001 Anouk graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, having also spent a year studying at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Now living in London, she has acquired a reputation as an important artist in visual manipulative art with numerous exhibitions in Amsterdam, London and Paris.
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Robert Vincent

Rob Vincent has been taking photographs for over twenty years. His work in both colour and black and white is both lyrical and evocative suggesting fragments from some unwritten narrative or dream.

The prints themselves are of the highest quality, hand printed by some of London's top printers to bring out all the detail, colour and subtle variations of tone.
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