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Paul Craven

Paul Craven began work as a photographer/journalist in the late 70’s, supplying pictures and copy for England’s national newspapers. His powerful images have featured in advertisements, brochures and calendars throughout the world. Running parallel to his journalistic work, Craven’s passion for photographing real people in every day situations has lead him to release, for the very first time and exclusively with LondonArt, this beautiful series of black and white prints.
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John Carmichael

John Carmichael specialises in digital photography and computer generated manipulation. Using the computer as a tool to accentuate and manipulate, colour, form and light, his work focuses on the female form and draws our attention to its curves, muscle and tone. John Carmichael lives and works in Kent, England.
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Tommy Candler

Tommy Candler travels to some of the most idyllic places in the world and distinctively captures their picturesque beauty, transporting you into his undisturbed summer sun. Each image clearly demonstrates her technical ability to capture light and colour through the eye of the lens.
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mavis carnaby-Jones

These stunning contemporary digital prints are the epitome of what photography is for. They beg the question, "How was that shot taken?!" For the artist seems to be 'a fly on the wall' except for the fact that there are no walls out on the ocean. Certainly, 'up close and personal' in her viewpoint, Carnaby-Jones possesses a flair for composition and an impressive ability to capture movement that most of us will never see in real life. Her works show real passion for aquatic pursuits and in her piece "Fishing for Surfers", she even manages to convey the humour of comic juxtapositions.
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Horacio Carrena

This Argentinian's busy, vibrant and multi-layered works, with their amorphous shapes and jagged lines, seem to owe much to the passion of Miro and Basquiat's urban vitality. He actually gains much inspiration from the symbology of his region's indigenous peoples. "I'm looking and looking at these signs, extracting those that are most interesting to me from the standpoint of visuality and expressiveness," he explains, thus creating a language all his own.
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Tamara  Cerna SofiG

The multi-talented Tamara Cerna SofiG is a professional artist who has also worked extensively as a dancer and choreographer. Her black and white photographs somehow read very much like paintings, perhaps due to their sensitive composition and dramatic sense of atmosphere. The photographs shown here focus on female ballerinas and Tamara brings her rich experience to bear on this most poignant of subjects. Making use of the play of light on the body she has produced images from an area of her own expertise.
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Frederic Chevarin

Frederic Chevarin is a sculpture working in limestone and marble. “The theme central to my research is movement. The ability to animate limestone and marble is almost an obsession for me.” He says. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Chevarin’s ability to create delicate intimate sculptures in what are essentially heavy and dense materials are a testimony to his talent as a sculptor. “My ideas are sourced through nature…I don’t copy the bird I am carving, I sculpt its ability to fly, I find an intimate way to observe its flight, soaring and gliding above cliff tops.” Mentored by the sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld VPRBS he is an associate member of the Royal British Society of sculptors and has work in private collections across Europe.
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Marc Christmas

Mark Christmas’s produces powerful black and white photographs. Similar to a film still, each image dramatically captures a mood or emotion.
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Jan Cihak

Jan Cihak's current body of work is formed under the collective title of Hunt. Focusing on the Fox as a symbol of the 'hunted', he works at night, seeking the Fox in its city dwellings. The act of creation becomes the 'hunt' for Jan as he searches out, points and shoots his subjects through the eye of the lens. Jan's photographs have a grainy quality to them and often reflect a narrative in a snapshot moment. "I also think that this animal more then others has got some indefinable aura" he says, adding, "the Fox can be seen as a symbol of other hunted creatures." As a photographer working in film and the digital medium, Jan questions his own approach to the medium and uses a number of techniques to do this. Born in 1978 in Czech Republic, Jan Cihak has had work in group and solo exhibitions and is currently studying at the London College of Communication, London.
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