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Sarah Davidson

Davidsonís contemporary photographs remind us of the intense beauty to be found in the most unexpected of places. Recently featured in Photography Review, and the Guardian supplements, Davidson exhibits her photographs nationally.
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Harry Dillon

Dillonís dramatic photography has brought him National acclaim. Specialising in editorial photography his work has been featured in The Times Magazine, The Independent Magazine, BBC Educational Publications and the British Journal of Photography.
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Cyril De La Torre Branger

The Artist known as Bran, lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Integral within all of Bran's beautiful and elegant photographs is the notion of movement. From the obvious depiction of trails left in the sky from a travelling plane, to those left by a burning cigarette, it is clear that life has been captured as it continues around him. Similarly, to viewing a film still, the sense of documenting the passing of time rather than capturing a frozen moment, helps to create a sense of spectator benevolence rather than voyeurism.
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Jon Del Mar

Jon Del Mar specializes in 'Gangster Art' and finds his inspiration form societies most feared and revered gangsters. Portraying historical gangster such as Beat Takashi, Jon Del Mar, draws on contemporary gang members and living gang-related lifestyles in the UK and abroad to feed his work. Sometimes the connection comes directly from the word on the street. "I have even gone so far as to meet some real Japanese and London Gangsters." Producing digital prints in limited editions of five, his work superimposes silhouetted figures in black over crisp and cool contemporary colours which are then printed on to large canvases.
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Juan Carlos Delatorre Bouvet

Dark and mysterious, Juan Carlos Delatorre's hair raising black and white photography sends a shiver up the spine. Beautiful yet ominous, his work suggests narrative and intrigue in the most audacious of minds.
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Kelly Denton

Richly flamboyant and fun, Kelly Denton's ornamental collage work is inspired by our everyday obsession with fashion. "My great passion is for the decorative beauty of objects such as underwear, shoes and bags". Adorning high quality canvas grounds, her hand printed silk screen patterns, delicately painted papers, and luxurious accessorising ribbons come complete with their own corner motif signature and contrasting backgrounds. "Within my work I aim to have fun and capture a story or a moment, the viewer is invited to create their own version of the story. The titles of the work give clues to the origin of the idea". She says. After completing her degree from Middlesex University in Printed Textiles and Decoration, Kelly went on to study an MA at Portsmouth University specialising in Art, Design and Media. Selling her work mainly through exclusive boutiques and galleries she has recently exhibited her work at the London Business Design centre and Cork Street galleries.
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Carole  Desbois

Carole Desbois is a multidisciplinary visual artist, working with photography, digital photography, films, installation and with performance. "As an artist I am looking for a sense of universality, looking at universal concepts that are timeless and evocative of a common consciousness, therefore recognizable by our inner-self." Currently living in Biarritz, France, Carole has lived and exhibited in London, New York and Johannesburg and hopes to further travel.
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Sabo Diab

What ever Sabo Diab captures on film, be it, an object, a detail, or a whole environment, there is a wonderfully intimate sentiment and quality fundamentally exposed within each piece.
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Mark Dodds

Mark's photographs concentrate on items, buildings and people whose beauty or interesting nature is not immediate to spot. If it is the result of Mark's daily views that accompany him wherever he walks or a result of much observation and search, it is not obvious. But the message is clear and simple, there is beauty everywhere, the question is if you can see it?
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Joanne Dunn

Although Joanne Dunn regularly travels to Britain to exhibit her photography, she lives and works in a remote village in southern Italy. Capturing fleeting moments, whether it is the colour of the sky, a wind swept street or human interaction, Joanne manages to photograph small but remarkable moments that pass us all from time to time.
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