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Adrian Gatie

Adrian Gatie became synonymous with urban street photography in the early eighties and later for his portraits of prominent celebrities and personalities. His ability to observe human nature and capture the incongruity and often absurdity of a moment, exposes the humour in even the most poignant of situations.
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Richard Gray

Richard Gray's photographs draw on his obvious fascination with symmetry and landscape. Manipulating his own carefully selected photographs, Richard is concerned with finding the underlying atmosphere that geographical locations generate.
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Rita Gaal

Born in Hungary, experienced photographer Rita Gaal creates documentary photography in Miami, USA. She says, "The moments of stories, which I find inspiring to show the world, can only be preserved through photography."
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Liz Garnett

Garnet is a commercial and fine art photographer. Her work has been published in numerous books, magazines and travel brochures. Garnet’s photographs in her ‘rude fruit series’ would make a cheeky acquisition to any office or household.
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Macarena Garvi

Working across a range of styles, Macarena Garvi creates powerful statements whatever the medium. Images of babies and children figure strongly in her work, but she also portrays other stages of the human life cycle such as love and old age. She has had an excellent training in art and graphics and has a Master's Degree in Restoration of Cultural Heritage. These skills involving painting for altarpieces, can be clearly seen in her finely detailed work and accomplished techniques.
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Chris Gatcum

Chris Gatcum is fascinated with micro biology and Anatomy. His natural talents as a draftsman have enabled him to produce these beautiful, ghostly images, clearly demonstrating his delicate and sensitive response and approach to his subject matter. Each image is printed on to handmade fibre based paper which helps to affirm their sense of elegance.
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Adrian  Gatie Colour

These colour photographs are by Adrian Gatie, whose classic black and white photographs have become extremely collectable in recent years. Though not yet as well known as his monochrome work, his colour photographs show the same love of humanity, humour and compassion for life. Gatie's ability to observe human nature and capture the incongruity of a moment often exposes the humour in even the most poignant of situations. See also Adrian Gatie listed in artists for Black & White work.
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Philipp Geist

'My work, especially my paintings, is about time and movement. metamorphosis of the instant.' Philipp Geist is a multimedia artist, working in video and photography as well as paint, his work captures moments in time, blurred instants that are the snapshots of our retinas. In whichever medium, outlines are indistinct and colours merged into each other, the expression of movement painted as parallel streaks across the canvas or as fuzzy edged forms.
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Joseph Gerges

Joseph Gerges successfully worked as an advertising photographer on numerous high profile advertising campaigns for over ten years. Now concentrating on producing his own work, Joseph combines both old and new photographic techniques, to produce this subtle and delicate series of still life’s.
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Vincentas Titas Gimzunas

Vincentas presents paintings with a wide range of styles. From naturalistic still life to gestural abstract markmaking; from Surrealist landscape to psychedelic portrait. He is equally at home with each genre. The common factor is that all are oils on canvas. 'The Rag on a Doorpost' is particularly appealing in that here, he manages to infuse the seemingly realistic appearance of an everyday thing with a surreal twist. The shadows are atmospheric and the simple piece of cloth itself comes to life. In luminous lapis blue it is suggestive of the folds of Renaissance drapery. Achieving a thorough investigation of a humble moment, he invests it with a solemn grace.
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