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Shaun Hines

Hines completed a City in Guilds in photography in the early eighties and quickly became dedicated to photography, the people and scenes before his camera. His early fascination with cinematography helped him to establish a comfortable relationship with the camera, and confident composure to his work. In this way Hines creates his work not as a bystander or street photographer, both of which imply a degree of passivity, but through his camera he illuminates what interests him without consciously trying to do so. His work doesn’t evoke a political agenda, concept or message yet doesn’t detach its self from the perception of the person that created it. He has an instinctive relationship with the camera which enables him to illuminate the feeling for the beauty or incongruity of the moment he is seeing without any seemingly conscious of preconceived effort. All of Shaun's prints are sold double mounted making them 40cm x 50cm in size.
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Alex Holland

Alex Holland has carved out a lively career as a freelance photographer. Using both black and white and colour photography, Alex's cityscapes reflect some of London's most prominent landmarks and skylines. Often shooting at night his work celebrates the development and expansion of London and recognises the architecture of both past and present, highlighting the unions, environments and impact created by it. Alex has had work published in a variety of high profile national photographic magazines and has also successfully exhibited throughout the country.
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Charlie Holland

Charlie Holland is a photographer of growing reputation. His 'Nude', series of photographs celebrate the human form and is the direct result of two years of intense work. Focusing on the beauty of the female body, Charlie Holland's photographs accentuate the curvaceous simplicity of form and create compositions which hope to celebrate life.
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Graham Holland

Holland has been a professional artist for over ten years, and in that time has participated in over seventy exhibitions in the UK, Netherlands and America. He has an impressive client list which includes, Allen & Overy, Starbucks, Transport for London, The London Studios (ITV), Carling, JD Wetherspoon, Pizza Express, Bruntwoods (Official Partner of the Commonwealth Games 2002), and the BBC . Currently studying an MA in Photography and Urban Culture at the Centre for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths College, London, his work documents the architecture and city environments of London and gives us insight on how the urban landscape affects us, our life style, daily routines and standards of living. Graham studied a Fine Art degree at the University of Central Lancashire. His work has been extensively featured in the TV program, Home on ITV and culture magazine Blueprint. Other media attention includes Broadcast, Property Week and A-N magazine.
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Philip Hall

From Topographers to contemporary landscape photographers, Philip Hall takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of photographic styles and genres. Fascinated with creating a strong sense of atmosphere, Philip tends to work alone, silently considering through the lens of his camera. This pensive and thoughtful approach produces a wonderful sense of solitude and peacefulness within all of Philip’s photographs.
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Christine Harfleet

Christine Harfleet's work is inspired by a "fascination and appreciation of the earth and its natural rock formations - fossils with their hidden secrets, sea and water movements and plants and cell life." Drawing plays an important part in the creation of her work and forms a strong foundation to her working practice. Sketching directly from life when out on location, Harfleet uses her drawings to help recapture the form and feeling of nature once she is back in the studio. Educated at Goldsmiths College of Art in Fine Art, where she gained a degree and postgraduate Diploma she currently specialises in photography, sculpture and painting. Christine Harfleet lives and works in Brighton where she regularly exhibits her work.
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John Harper

John Harper seeks to capture hope and joy in all his works. “I love life and I love people and I want my photographs to reflect that. I am looking to capture a moment of fleeting reality which passes us by everyday. The moment when my heart and vision unite and create an impression which expresses an inner silence – A silence which shouts for joy”. John Haper’s images speak for themselves.
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kathy harris

Kathy Harris paints images which lodge somewhere between postcard, seascape, memory and reality. She manages to infuse them with sunshine and captures the atmosphere perfectly. The scenes have a peaceful qualiy about them yet hum with the activity of wheeling birds; crashing waves and excited holidaymakers.
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Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison is a trained photo-journalist and has over 20 years experience as a photographer. His photographic signature demonstrates his passion for light and mood in all of his work. Almost all the pictures in this series are taken in that magical hour before dawn and dusk and depict the unique beauty of Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.
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Caireen Harrison

Caireen Harrison clearly demonstrates in this wonderful series of prints that she understands the nature of her medium and knows how to capture the intimate subtleties of light and shadow. In each of her works the chosen perspective is far from traditional. This unconventionality - often taking us up so close that the forms begin to blur - combined with her monochromatic colour, create a wonderfully abstract quality to Caireen’s work.
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