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Paul Laidler

Paul's Laidler's work explores both two and three-dimensional surfaces. Through print he plays with ideas around fact or fiction using the print medium as ,'the believable' source of information. "Through artifice with notions of romanticism and craft the viewer may transcend the mundane or find uniqueness within it." he says. Paul has exhibited work in National and International venues which among others include; New York, Chicago, London, Glasgow, Bilboa, Bologna, Jakarta, Madrid, Berlin, Strasbourg and Wakefield. Paul Laidler studied his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at UWE, Bristol School of Art , UK in Illustration and Print.
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Louis Lander-Deacon

In one photograph the viewer sees the unusual image of contorted figure next to a perfectly functional wooly hate. This a world where fashion and dreams collide. Still extremely young and early in his career, Louis Lander-Deacon is a naturally gifted photographer with a promising future ahead of him. The Willam Tell myth is given an update as a bride floats tantilisingly towards a hanging apple. In another a figure is lifted horizontally over his desk in an image both striking and captivating. We are proud to support such a promising photographer and feel sure we will see his work in fashion magazines worldwide.
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Elena  Lavrova

Elena Lavrova is a photographer based in Moscow with a degree in photography from the International Academy of Cooperation. Her themes mix elements of Russian traditional with modern life.
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Martin Leigh

Changes, contradictions and contrasts. The art of Martin Leigh does not sit still in one style or technique, but instead adapts and changes in order to explore the points where the natural and man-made collide. His art shows the change of the season and the effects that this has on the environment around us. Formally a professional photographer, Leigh now devotes his time to making art and has gained a great deal of success, exhibiting widely across the UK and in Germany. In his work a bridge ages and hangs in the point between rustic beauty and collapse. A bubble sits implausibly on the rough centre of an orange flower, waiting to burst. The outline of a fish is blended with the stylised background to create an artificial camouflage. In other works he explored the limits of abstraction, showing the feeling of a choppy sea and a rioting garden foliage. His photography and mixed media skills allow him to explore many themes and ideas and create an incredibly interesting and varied collection of work.
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David Lester

David Lester spent five years working in Ghana, West Africa at the end of the 1960s. Whilst living there he travelled extensively throughout the country photographing the daily life of the people, their celebrations and festivals. David was fortunate enough to attend the funeral of the King of Ashanti and witness the pagentry of a unique event. David was awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society for his black and white photographs of Ghana.
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Lloyd Lewis

Lewis's photographs present us with the wasted remnants of 19th century disciplinary institutions. Distressed and abandoned the work has become a physical reminder of an oppressive and frequently cruel discourse which still haunts contemporary dealings with the mentally ill. Shards and scraps of crinkled house paint collect in flaky piles on the floor. Doors are ajar, opening onto views down the corridors along which patients were once led, and into the rooms in which they were once confined. The old asylums have long been disused, and their empty spaces, presented with an intense psychological charge, bristle with a disturbing tension. Lloyd Lewis's photographs have all been shot on 5x4 Negative and have not been altered digitally. Lloyd has won a host of photography awards and has had work featured in many publications including, Creative Review and Professional Photographer magazine. His work is in private collections across Europe.
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Emma-Jane  Lewis

Emma-Jane Lewis is a fashion and conceptual photographer based in East London. Inspired by feminine and dreamlike worlds, she often likes to create an emotion within the image, allowing the viewer to feel what is going on within the picture. She has worked for Vogue, Tatler and Hello magazines and her vision is clearly in demand. The breadth of imagery on her site indicates she is conversant with many genres of art and this allows her to create a variety of dramatic compositions.
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