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Tristan O'Neill

Tristan O’Neill has been photographing the Club Scene, Festivals and Big Dance music events since 1994. Tristan’s work has appeared in every dance music magazine since then in the uk including DJ, Muzik, Mixmag, Eternity, Atmosphere, Knowledge, Seven, Dream, Ministry and many more magazines that have come and gone over the years, as well as general interest consumer magazines such as Maxim and Front to National Newspapers such as the Sunday Times and the Guardian to various book covers around the world. His discovery of the digital camera has brought forward his enthusiasm to photograph everyday life to a new level.
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Justine O'Brien

Justine O’Brien’s images underline the grace and beauty of seemingly mundane everyday objects. Inspired by some of the most classical and memorable still-life photographers of the 20th century, she has developed a distinctive, delicate style. These images are part of an ongoing series of work exploring the beauty in life, the object in its most wonderful and uncomplicated form.
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Patrick O'Mally

Acting as a sketch book, these beautiful photographic images hope to reflect a sensation of calm and quietude. Patrick uses photography as a visual diary to help stimulate his memory once he is back in the studio, recapturing the sensation of the moment and the people and places he visits.
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Helmuth Osborne

Examining the interplay between pattern, shape, and light, Helmuth Osborne’s photography predominantly focuses on nature within its natural landscape. “I find much of my inspiration in nature.” he says, adding, “The textures and shapes suggested within the forms of rock - for example reptilian skin, or the primal form of an egg or even abstract patterns, which transcend the nature of the rock - have always fascinated me…” Osborne travels around the world studying the patterns of nature and finds particular inspiration from the Incas and their cities in the mountains. Award winning photographer Helmuth Osborne currently lives in Nottinghamshire, UK.
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