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Dubi Roman

Born in Israel in 1957, Dubi Roman has been the Senior Editor for Israel Educational Television, since 1983. He is also an avid nature art photographer who now devotes his professional time between both. His images are both technically and visually outstanding and are held in numerous image libraries and private collections throughout the world. Dubi Roman's photographs have been featured in more than 30 exhibitions worldwide, won multiple awards, and have been the subject of over 30 press articles and reviews. His works are collected by corporate collectors and by individuals in Tel Aviv, the UK, and the USA. Roman is the Senior Editor at Israel Educational Television since 1983 and has been a professional Nature-Art Photographer since 1994.
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Hanneke Robson

From the texture of bark and rusting ship hulls, to battlefields and d-day beaches, Hanneke Robson's colour photographs remind us all of the beauty found in nature. The quality of her photography is of such an exceptionally high standard, the sharpness of the image and the composition and balance of light within each work, that on occasion her work has an almost illusionary quality to it, as if we are looking at an enhanced form of nature.
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Rami Rimon

Rami Rimon is a photographer living and working in Israel. Although, Rami captures those unexpected, classic daytime moments he also likes to work at night. Because of the lack of natural light, he has to use a longer exposure and open the shutter a long time. The brighter the picture the longer the shutter speed. The dark could take an indefinite amount of time to capture. This essentially means that he has to sit patiently in the night to capture these wonderful moments.
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Philippe Ruttens

Philippe Ruttens' photographs people and places in sharp, elegant compositions. Trained at LCP and Central St Martin's DALI colleges, Philippe has been working as a freelance photographer/writer for the last three years. His travels across Europe, North America and Asia have enabled him to document some of the world's most beautiful landscapes. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, and recently featured on the cover of The British Journal of Photography.
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Steve  Rogers

Steve Rogers has worked in the photographic industry, for more than twenty years. Passionate about underwater photography, he dives exclusively in the waters around the United Kingdom and Ireland, where the sea is always cold, frequently murky and often stormy. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of marine life in these waters, which he captures beautifully.
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Palao Resaso

Palao Resaso hopes to "show that photography is art and that beautiful images can be produced from every day natural and man made creations". Palao's acute observational skills uncover beauty in the most unexpected of places. Places which we often over look, Palao highlights for their natural beauty. Each photograph is then digitally printed on to high quality paper or canvas.
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Natasa Radovic

Natasha Radovic creates photographs depicting strange urban environments. Electric colours form and shapes, created by light and the exposure to it through the eye of the lens.
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Katy Reed

Katy Reed began producing these enthralling photographic scenes when studying in America. They initially became a way for her to feel closer to the people and places she missed in London but have since developed in to something far more complex and insightful. "I made dolls of myself and my friends, and constructed sets of places including bars and night-clubs, a pier in Suffolk, rooms from my house, and a park." Using her memory and imagination, 'Katy's worlds' conjure up all sorts of associations with in us and create a strong identity of their own.
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David Antony  Reid

Reading about David's full life and accolades across different fields of experience comes as no surprise. This is because the range of images he exhibits at Londonart is amazingly colourful and original. From tattooed buttocks to tattooists and graffiti artists at work: from carnivalesque maidens to firework apparitions, David seeks visual thrills and unusual sights. He has also travelled widely, bringing touching scenes from everyday Chinese life. His other great passion and talent is as a guitar maker or luthier and images of these beautiful instruments also grace this beguiling online portfolio.
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Doron Ritter

Born in Isreal, Doron Ritter spent much of his childhood growing up in Hungary. Inspired by still photography and the moving image, Ritter graduated from his degree as a fully qualified cameraman. After spending a number of years working for Hungarian State Television, MTV, and numerous other commercial channels he now head's his own commercial production company. Ritter's still photography goes hand in hand with his moving images and commercial ventures, he comments, "the applied photography is a creative branch of photography which attracts me the most in a profession with so many different possibilities." His most recent exhibition Spaces in Ages, was staged at the Millenaris Center, Budapest and was visited by more then 3000 people. Doron Ritter has had work published across Hungary and on an international level.
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