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Andrew  Williams

Williams’s uses a pin hole camera to take all his photographs. This very basic and extremely romantic process has no formula, it all depends on the light and your intuitive sense of it. Some images can take up to four hours, while others take just two minutes.
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Nicky Willcock

Nicky is fascinated by the idea of documenting absolute reality, but approaching diametrically from a position of interpretation and imagination. Projecting a narrative, presence, latent idea, or emotion through strong, deliberate composition and use of light. A film set, charged with potential, though as yet without characters. Beyond, yet in partnership with this methodology, is an inherent fascination with the ordinary, even ugly and mundane, to create surprising and beautiful images.
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Tim White

After successfully completing a Fine Art Degree in 1989, Tim White spent the next ten years working as a freelance graphic artist. In 2001 he completed an MA at the London College of Printing. His combined qualifications and talent makes this a favourable time to buy his work.
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Alan Williams

Alan Williams is a recent Photography and Digital Imaging graduate. Specialising in sports photography Alan Williams is profoundly deaf. His inability to hear gives him a unique ability and exceptional talent to represent action, movement and energy. Living in a rural part of Cornwall, England, Alan's recent series of photographs tackle the challenging and particularly controversial sport of hunting. Alan William's has exhibited his emotive and often quite beautiful photography throughout the west of England.
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Paul Wolfgang Webster

Photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster BA Studied at Bradford University. Over the last twelve years Paul Wolfgang Webster has intensely photographed New York and Manchester. Working as a cultural commentator, his urban landscape photograph and record some of the significant and miniscule changes in the environment and resulting culture. Finding inspiration from photographers such as George Tice – an American photographer who he met while studying printing techniques in New Jersey, he uses a traditional camera, a 500cm Hassleblad Medium Format Camera with a digital back. All his images are available on Silver platinum prints, Canvas and Ink jet papers.
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Terezinha  Wright

‘One work of art is the spirit of the subject, spirit of the brush, spirit of the artist. All in one. One work of art is Nature itself. It is sacred and divine.’ Terezinha Wright
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