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John Carmichael

John Carmichael specialises in digital photography and computer generated manipulation. Using the computer as a tool to accentuate and manipulate, colour, form and light, his work focuses on the female form and draws our attention to its curves, muscle and tone. John Carmichael lives and works in Kent, England.
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Jamie Ball

Jamie Ball's photographs document his extensive travels to Asia and South America as well as depicting his travels around his home country of Ireland. His selection of images reflect some of the most poignant moments of his travels. Jamie's prints are available in six sizes, ranging from 12 inches by 8 inches to the largest at 24 inches by 20 inches.
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Julie Beresford

The majority of Julie Beresford’s current work is based on or around family and friends. She is intrigued by the negativity and darkness that people, including children, have within them as well as the more pleasant sides to their natures. This juxtoposotion gives life its texture and creates the interesting tension and duplicity in this work. Portraits of children, painful red skin and interesting photographs make up this exhibition and show the versatility and ambition of this artist.
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Kate Bailey

Kate Bailey's beautiful photography reflects her desire to capture her subjects in microscopic detail. Up close and personal, her subjects are usually 3cms away from the eye of the lens, sharp, elegant and refined. By focusing so intimately on her subject matter Kate prevents the surrounding environment to impede on our experience of the subject, allowing us to truly reflect on its beauty. One can't help but wonder if Kate's busy life style, a Mother, a Photographer both in the commercial and fine art arena, a Firefighter and Photography Lecturer, has inspired her to create these serene and tranquil photographic reflections.
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Martin Amis

Martin Amis watches the world through the lens of his camera, capturing those everyday moments of human behaviour that are often over looked or are unnoticed. Moments of humour, sadness and solitude are all beautifully depicted in Martin’s Black and White photographs.
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Graham Metcalfe

Graham Metcalfe is a new and emerging British artist and photographer who currently divides his creative time between the UK and Barbados. His collection of 'flower' images were taken over a period of six months and aim to capture the spirit and beauty found in the purest form of nature. "The scale of the photograph reflects a powerful meditative beauty which I believe can nourish our inner self and offer us a reflective moment within our busy lives." Metcalfe's photographs are each available in a limited edition of 50 and are printed on to Hahnemuhle archival watercolor paper using specialised pigment inks to provide superior image quality and maximum archival longevity. The prints are ready mounted on archival boards with a white core matte.
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Hanneke Robson

From the texture of bark and rusting ship hulls, to battlefields and d-day beaches, Hanneke Robson's colour photographs remind us all of the beauty found in nature. The quality of her photography is of such an exceptionally high standard, the sharpness of the image and the composition and balance of light within each work, that on occasion her work has an almost illusionary quality to it, as if we are looking at an enhanced form of nature.
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Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw has worked in 'corporate identity design' since graduating in photography in 1989. However, his love of the sea and the sand still inspires him to take these beautiful pictures of the British coast line.
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Rami Rimon

Rami Rimon is a photographer living and working in Israel. Although, Rami captures those unexpected, classic daytime moments he also likes to work at night. Because of the lack of natural light, he has to use a longer exposure and open the shutter a long time. The brighter the picture the longer the shutter speed. The dark could take an indefinite amount of time to capture. This essentially means that he has to sit patiently in the night to capture these wonderful moments.
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Joe Ford

Joseph Ford’s photographs concentrate on colour, texture and form. He often uses unfamiliar viewpoints or selective focus to draw the viewer’s attention to small details. The process of architectural decay fascinates him and many of his photographs incorporate photographs of corroding surfaces taken from the former Eastern Bloc countries. Originally from London, Joseph Ford is now based in Paris, although he regularly travels and exhibits in the UK.
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