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Sarah  Medway

Medway captures a moment when the landscape is transformed by the quality of light. Many of her images come from the South East, where she was recently awarded the title of Kent wildlife trust photographer of the year.
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Bill Millett

Bill Millett is a Glasgow based photographer and filmmaker. ”My aim is to take the camera out of its normal context and utilise it as a canvas. To look at photography as a way of painting an image as opposed to replicating it.” Millet has invented a process by which he creates his images. Initially sketching his ideas of form and composition, he then constructs them without computer manipulation. Essentially composing arrangements of light and colour his work presents us with a "Tableaux Vivant”. His work allows the viewer to, “…explore their own creativity constructing the image out of the presenting light and colour that in habits the space, like some distant nebula.” Bill Millet has exhibited in London, Glasgow and more recently in Spain. His work is in private collections across Europe.
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Christopher James Mills

London-based Christopher Mills has been a photographer since the age of 14. He has honed his technique as a printer and camera operator in a photographic labs, learning photo-composite techniques and Photoshop. He has exhibited around London including the Tram Depot.
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Monk Monk

From an early age Monk has always been intrigued by all forms of art & feels we all have something to offer in this area whether we realize it or not. Art for him is as much about the process & creation of a piece as the finished piece itself. Feelings, emotions & moods all constantly change in our lives & many of these can be seen in his work. He likes to work with lots of different mediums & feels we should not constrain ourselves, art is as much about discovery as anything else & the whole process should be enjoyed. Art like life is a constant change & who knows what path we will travel tomorrow.
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Jean  MONOT dit JON

Jean Monot Dit Jon's prolific gathering of over 30,000 'images' of the Mediterranean Sea have resulted in a multi-faceted approach to it's documentation. The sea's motif is not always obvious but can be found within a certain style or symbol present in the photography. His professional title includes jounalilst, writer, photographer and audiovisual director.
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Christopher Morris-Piattoni

Christopher Morris-Piattoni lives and works in London, England. Christopher’s obvious talent for photography is particularly apparent in this latest series of works. His ability to measure and read the light around him and accurately respond quickly to the changing environment enables Christopher to capture some beautifully subtle moments. His latest series of Black and White photographs capture the south of England’s coastal resort of Brighton.
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