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Christopher Morris-Piattoni

Christopher Morris-Piattoni lives and works in London, England. Christopher’s obvious talent for photography is particularly apparent in this latest series of works. His ability to measure and read the light around him and accurately respond quickly to the changing environment enables Christopher to capture some beautifully subtle moments. His latest series of Black and White photographs capture the south of England’s coastal resort of Brighton.
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Allen Ng

Tummy to tummy, back to back, Allen Ng's black and white photography exposes and makes beautiful. Based in Bristol Allen regularly exhibits her work and has recently won a Kodak photography competition.
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Justine O'Brien

Justine O’Brien’s images underline the grace and beauty of seemingly mundane everyday objects. Inspired by some of the most classical and memorable still-life photographers of the 20th century, she has developed a distinctive, delicate style. These images are part of an ongoing series of work exploring the beauty in life, the object in its most wonderful and uncomplicated form.
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Patrick O'Mally

Acting as a sketch book, these beautiful photographic images hope to reflect a sensation of calm and quietude. Patrick uses photography as a visual diary to help stimulate his memory once he is back in the studio, recapturing the sensation of the moment and the people and places he visits.
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Helmuth Osborne

Examining the interplay between pattern, shape, and light, Helmuth Osborne’s photography predominantly focuses on nature within its natural landscape. “I find much of my inspiration in nature.” he says, adding, “The textures and shapes suggested within the forms of rock - for example reptilian skin, or the primal form of an egg or even abstract patterns, which transcend the nature of the rock - have always fascinated me…” Osborne travels around the world studying the patterns of nature and finds particular inspiration from the Incas and their cities in the mountains. Award winning photographer Helmuth Osborne currently lives in Nottinghamshire, UK.
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Evie Pace

We are pleased to be exhibiting Evie Pace's series of photographs entitled 'intimacy in Landscape'. Evie is an East London based photographer, focusing on still life and landscape work, although her 'intimacy in landscape' series was created in the south of France during Rencontres d'Arles international festival of photography in summer 2002.
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Charles Patey

The photographs shown here have an enigmatic quality. The question of how they are created is not initially easy to answer. Patey's grainy compositions appear to echo the qualities possessed by traditional photography using 35mm film. They have a look of drawings about them and yet, they are photographic. The titles are evocative of traces: of a bird's wing on landing, of a distant interplanetary moment; a comet's tail... Finally, the viewer may discern a horizon and waves...drawings on a beach made by no human hand: these are found markings made my mother nature herself but appropriated by the keen creativity of the artist.
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Ade Pattrick

Ade Pattrick has worked in corporate and industrial photography for fifteen years. His client list includes many prominent companies and media groups. He began making his colour images as a diversion from the sometimes mechanical and formula-driven processes often involved in his daily work. Ade Pattrick's art work is in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the UK.
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Stanley Peach

As a photographer and as a painter, Peach combines interesting subject matter with an artist’s eye for the keen detail. His photographic work speaks of modern social issues as he creates powerful images of punks and pink clad Russian women. His stunning portrait of Jasmine shows her true beauty as clear brown eyes shine from beneath her veil, whereas the image titled ‘contemplation’ shows the strain of living in the modern world. In other works he uses cryptic symbolism as he photographs a neatly stitched up pear. As a painter he focuses on the same issues, taking complex and interesting subjects and skilfully painting them in unusual situations. Passionate, humane and deeply skilful, this is a multi-talented artist who has a very bright future. We are absolutely delighted to exhibit his work here at LondonArt.
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