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Magda Pelc

Magda Pelc is primarily a Landscape and Interior Designer living and working in Rzeszow, South East Poland. Initially Pelc began to use photography as a way of expanding and exploring an idea. Her photographs became a great way to illustrate her inspirational source and often helped to develop an idea with her clients. Her need to simply document form and structure, as a means to an end, was quickly overtaken by a genuine desire to create a beautiful image. This shift in motivation enabled her to see her images as works of art and encouraged her to begin searching for a way of showing and presenting them. The congenial and amiable quality to all of Magda Pelc's work enables her to adapt the image to suit a specific space. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be ordered as a photographic print, framed behind a thick 1cm deep sheet of Perspex or ordered as a role of wallpaper up to 150cm long. For further information on sizes and relating prices please contact us.
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Billy Pepper

Billy Pepper's work explores the genres of landscape and self-portraiture. Taken over a period of two years she has photographed herself at various coastal locations throughout the UK. "I have always been fascinated by the coast, particularly the allure of the horizon, the unpredictable weather conditions and changeable shoreline. The figures, portraits of myself, reflect my personal experiences and my relationship with the scenery and location in which they were taken".
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Mathias Pfaff

Matias comes from Switzerland but currently lives and works in London and San Francisco. He uses various mediums and techniques and his portfolio includes three dimensional forms, photographic prints and installations. Looking closely and interpreting is the key to Matias' work, which incorporates the use of symbols. The artist says that his art attempts to draw a line between antiquity and the avant-garde. Therefore art history and perhaps history, understood as narrative story, is important for Matias's timeless work.
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Eduardo Pinto

"Through the use of a mix of techniques, ranging between traditional and digital- photography, video, drawing and painting, I try little by little to create my very own art atmosphere where pre and post digital elements cohabitate to represent new human realities and their emotions." Eduardo Pinto. Eduardo Pinto studied Communication Design and Multimedia Art at the University of the Algarve where he specialised in plastic arts, photography, graphic design and digital video editing. After working in the design industry for a number of years Eduardo decided to focus on his own work. Now teaching Digital Video at the University of the Algarve he spends the remainder of his time focusing on his photography, video and drawing.
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Kate Potter

For somebody who has only just graduated from an MA in Photography from the London College of Communication in 2006, Kate Potter's career is off to a flying start. Her work has been exhibited across the World, with various group exhibitions in London, New York, Poland and Austria. After being featured in four solo exhibitions in central London, and appearing in numerous publications, including the British Journal of Photography, the quality of her work is widely acknowledged and celebrated.
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sarah pritchard

Edinburgh-based artist Sarah Pritchard manipulates photographs digitally to produce geometric landscapes.
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Natasa Radovic

Natasha Radovic creates photographs depicting strange urban environments. Electric colours form and shapes, created by light and the exposure to it through the eye of the lens.
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Katy Reed

Katy Reed began producing these enthralling photographic scenes when studying in America. They initially became a way for her to feel closer to the people and places she missed in London but have since developed in to something far more complex and insightful. "I made dolls of myself and my friends, and constructed sets of places including bars and night-clubs, a pier in Suffolk, rooms from my house, and a park." Using her memory and imagination, 'Katy's worlds' conjure up all sorts of associations with in us and create a strong identity of their own.
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David Antony  Reid

Reading about David's full life and accolades across different fields of experience comes as no surprise. This is because the range of images he exhibits at Londonart is amazingly colourful and original. From tattooed buttocks to tattooists and graffiti artists at work: from carnivalesque maidens to firework apparitions, David seeks visual thrills and unusual sights. He has also travelled widely, bringing touching scenes from everyday Chinese life. His other great passion and talent is as a guitar maker or luthier and images of these beautiful instruments also grace this beguiling online portfolio.
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