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Doron Ritter

Born in Isreal, Doron Ritter spent much of his childhood growing up in Hungary. Inspired by still photography and the moving image, Ritter graduated from his degree as a fully qualified cameraman. After spending a number of years working for Hungarian State Television, MTV, and numerous other commercial channels he now head's his own commercial production company. Ritter's still photography goes hand in hand with his moving images and commercial ventures, he comments, "the applied photography is a creative branch of photography which attracts me the most in a profession with so many different possibilities." His most recent exhibition Spaces in Ages, was staged at the Millenaris Center, Budapest and was visited by more then 3000 people. Doron Ritter has had work published across Hungary and on an international level.
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Ailsa Robertson

Few things work so perfectly as an artistic subject as the rolling hills of a glorious countryside scene. Perfectly framed, these images capture the true beauty of the natural world around us. Robertson creates contrasting areas of light and shade which leave the viewer captivated and enthralled.
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Zara Robinson-Marshall

Ominous and foreboding, Zara Robinson Marshall's night time photographs seek to explore our own preconceptions of city living. Focusing on notions of time, place and location she is fascinated by the way in which light can superficially affect our reading of an environment, its appearance and understanding. Zara takes all her photographs at night on location. Photographing familiar environments, often places she has known all her life, she hopes to subvert, distort and alter the reality of a place. By exploiting the appearance of artificial light, she provokes an impression of an environment out of the darkness, rather than a representation of it. Zara is currently studying an MA in Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art.
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Alessandra Sbertoli

Alessandra Sbertoli is a talented and versatile photographer whose work is evidence of her ability to represent the beatific calm of the Classical and the dynamic chaos of the Dionysian.
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Wendy Scott

Wendy Scott's idyllic pictures of family life presented in just too good to be true colours, either warm the heart or send shivers up the spine. This manipulation combined with her domestic imagery creates a feeling of an era long past.
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Impish Scribe

These are beautifully resonant pictures from a very talented photographer. The large scale of these works means that they would look great in any commercial space or office. Their muted tones create a tasteful atmosphere and the iconic landmarks are shown in all their glory. The warming tones of the sunset give depth to the works, each one alive with light and shade. A great example of the photographer’s art, these works demand to be viewed again and again.
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Marco Secchi

Marco Secchi is a professional photographer who currently lives in London and Edinburgh. Marco often covers assignments involving the leading members of the Royal Family and his work is being published extensively in UK, Italy and abroad. He undertakes press, editorial, publicity and commercial work as well as private commissions, on a national and international basis. Recent customers include: New York Times, Radio Times, CBS, The Herald, Matin, Grazia Magazine, The Scotsman, The Times, Hello, Financial Times, Gente, National Geographic, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, MSN, The Independent, OK, Readers Digest, Emel, Guardian, Eastern Eye, Newsweek, PC World Magazine, Metro, YOUR, Paris Match, and Bild Am Sonntag. Marco Secchi’s work is held in numerous private collections.
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Katarina Serek

Katarina Serek's surrealist digital photography picks up the stylistic tendencies of Salvador Dali and re-inteprets them in a modern landscape. Serek plays with the capabilities of digital photography to create highly unique works. Her manipulation of lighting and shade adds drama to the already theatrical staging of her compositions.
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Hayk Shalunts

Armenian artist Hayk Shalunts has developed a unique technique which he describes as a "synthesis of photography and graphic design". It is most successful in images like 'Picturesque' 2009.
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