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Tristan O'Neill

Tristan OíNeill has been photographing the Club Scene, Festivals and Big Dance music events since 1994. Tristanís work has appeared in every dance music magazine since then in the uk including DJ, Muzik, Mixmag, Eternity, Atmosphere, Knowledge, Seven, Dream, Ministry and many more magazines that have come and gone over the years, as well as general interest consumer magazines such as Maxim and Front to National Newspapers such as the Sunday Times and the Guardian to various book covers around the world. His discovery of the digital camera has brought forward his enthusiasm to photograph everyday life to a new level.
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Tommy Candler

Tommy Candler travels to some of the most idyllic places in the world and distinctively captures their picturesque beauty, transporting you into his undisturbed summer sun. Each image clearly demonstrates her technical ability to capture light and colour through the eye of the lens.
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Joe Ford - Black & White work

Joseph Ford's Black and white photographs reflect the character of the places and people he depicts. The process of decay fascinates him and many of his photographs incorporate photographs of corroding or aging surfaces taken from the former Eastern Bloc countries. Originally, from London, Joseph Ford is now based in Paris, although he regularly travels and exhibits in the UK.
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Lars Schotzau

Larsís exquisite photographs and striking oil paintings - as his titles describe, echo the sense of beauty found in the human form and spirit.
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Julian Thomas

Despite having 'always been a photographer', Julian Thomas' technical skill and knowledge is mainly self-taught. Similarly to a number of our exhibiting artists, Julian combined his passion for photography with his love of teaching for a number of years, before turning fully professional in the millennium. Since then, Julian has successfully exhibited across Europe and abroad.
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Yoshiko Yamaguchi

Yoshiko Yamaguchi uses traditional photographic techniques to create her feminine, ethereal works.
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Charlie Holland

Charlie Holland is a photographer of growing reputation. His 'Nude', series of photographs celebrate the human form and is the direct result of two years of intense work. Focusing on the beauty of the female body, Charlie Holland's photographs accentuate the curvaceous simplicity of form and create compositions which hope to celebrate life.
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David  Palazon

Spanish artist David Palazůn is an artist with a commitment to revealing the truth and the beauty of ordinary lives. His beautiful photography subtly reflects the ridiculous as well as the sublime in the most everyday of situations. His 'Use your Head' series of works, currently exhibited on the website, is a collection of portraits taken in Ghana. During two consecutive summers working as a volunteer photographer for Raleigh International in Ghana, David observed the way Ghanaians transport almost everything on their heads. 'Use your Head' is an anthropologic collection which aims to celebrate the act of its simplicity, sometimes comical yet always a reflection of effort in the everyday.
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Richard Gray

Richard Gray's photographs draw on his obvious fascination with symmetry and landscape. Manipulating his own carefully selected photographs, Richard is concerned with finding the underlying atmosphere that geographical locations generate.
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Terence Nunn

Terence Nunnís passion and dedication for photographing the world he sees around him has lead to an extraordinary catalogue of images spanning over forty years.
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