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Duncan Snow

Duncan Snow is no stranger to publication. Fulfilling his passion for cars and his love of photography Duncan has spent the last ten years working as a professional Car Photographer. This series of exhibited images are from his private collection, some of which have never been seen by the public and are exclusive to LondonArt. Duncan Snow finds his inspiration from the sheer beauty of available light, the impact it can have on even the simplest of subjects or Landscapes, and the Natural Colours in our everyday lives.
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Fabrice Spelta

Fabrice Spelta specialises in Black and White Photography. Her work often has a dramatic effect on the viewer’s emotion. This is not solely due to her chosen subject matter or her unusual perspective - both of which play an important role, but her effective and skillful use of extreme contrast between the blackest black right through to the purest white.
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Mark Stewart

Mark Bland produces these wonderful black and white photographs capturing his talent for spotting the minuscule, the romantic and the humorous in human behaviour. Marks unique abstract paintings have strong form and come deep from the subconscious.
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Elspeth Storrar

Floating somewhere between order, chaos, fantasy and dream, these striking photographs create an atmosphere of disjointed glamour. Beautiful revellers engage in midsummer mischief deep in the forest, far from prying eyes. A pondering girl in pink reclines softly on feathers, her skin blending with the dreamy setting. Storrar creates heavily stylised portraits of urban youths, their faces and headwear showing their positions in the modern tribes. It is easy to see that this artist comes from a background in fashion photography and uses this eye for detail and effortless style to create remarkable, iconic images.
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Sturla  Strand

Sturla uses a mixture of techniques in creating his images. Some of them are developed in a traditional way, in a darkroom; others are played with by using Photoshop. Sturla prefers working with a photograph digitally, because it gives him overall control with the result and look of the work. He is interested in shapes, lines and shadows; generally speaking in a form of an object. His inspirations come from various motives and places; most of his shots are taken locally to his home, in Son, Norway.
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Nicole Teuliere

One of the most difficult questions facing any contemporary artist is how to combine the historical past of art with the desire to capture the modern. How does someone create a work which is timeless and contemporary? Ageless and youthful? ‘Outstanding for its skill, the work of Nicole Teulière-Ratti definitely recalls the work of “Tiffany Studio” and its famous glass marquetry. There are no flaws in the harmony of colours, and in the way she deals with the material.’ Hélène Rousé-Rivère, Art critic
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Carol Tipping

Carol Tipping is regularly invited to feature her work in ‘Digital Photographer and Creative imaging’ magazine. Her growing popularity, hard work and dedication has recently secured her the prestigious Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.
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Eve Tudor

Having successfully completed a Business Management MA at the London College of Printing and a BA in Contemporary Fine Art Practice from Goldsmiths College, Eve Georgiou is now working as a freelance photographer at London's Tate Britain.
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Rodrigo Vazquez

Rodrigo Vazquez was born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1972. A self taught photographer Vazquez has been taking photographs since 1988. Between 1995 and 2000 Rodrigo Vazquez spent four years living and working in New York. This proved to be an inspiration time for the young photographer and on his return began taking pictures for some of Mexico’s better known record labels and magazines. Now an established professional photographer in Mexico Rodrigo Vazquez has exhibited across Mexico in both public and private galleries and Museum spaces.
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