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Philip Hall

From Topographers to contemporary landscape photographers, Philip Hall takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of photographic styles and genres. Fascinated with creating a strong sense of atmosphere, Philip tends to work alone, silently considering through the lens of his camera. This pensive and thoughtful approach produces a wonderful sense of solitude and peacefulness within all of Philip’s photographs.
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Scarlet  James

James has no qualms about manipulating, falsifying, altering her photographs in order to produce these dramatic and beautiful photographs. Great value for money, they are perfect for your home or office.
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Mark  Mather

Mather’s intensely beautiful photographs offer us an unadulterated look in to the heart of pure, raw colour.
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Palao Resaso

Palao Resaso hopes to "show that photography is art and that beautiful images can be produced from every day natural and man made creations". Palao's acute observational skills uncover beauty in the most unexpected of places. Places which we often over look, Palao highlights for their natural beauty. Each photograph is then digitally printed on to high quality paper or canvas.
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Nicky Willcock

Nicky is fascinated by the idea of documenting absolute reality, but approaching diametrically from a position of interpretation and imagination. Projecting a narrative, presence, latent idea, or emotion through strong, deliberate composition and use of light. A film set, charged with potential, though as yet without characters. Beyond, yet in partnership with this methodology, is an inherent fascination with the ordinary, even ugly and mundane, to create surprising and beautiful images.
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Abi Adeyemi

Abi Adeyemi is an abstract painter predominantly working in acrylic on canvas. For Abi the act of creation is one of invention, exploration and experimentation. Only recently discovering her natural ability to translate her thoughts and emotions in to a visual language, Abi is developing her creative skills as she paints, gaining hands on experience with the materials and techniques as well as fine tuning her intuition and aesthetic as she goes along. The range of form, colour and scale found throughout her work reflects this stage of Abi Adeyemi's artistic development and allow us an insight into her life.
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Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander's elegant photographs beautifully depict the effects of light and shadow. By selecting to photograph objects that are normally associated with lavish, radiant colour and light, in black and white, Elizabeth cleverly accentuates their natural beauty.
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Natasha Ambrose

Natasha Ambrose is a digital photographer based in Shepperton, Middlesex. Shepperton is a village and a parish in the Staines district, Middlesex. The village stands on the river Thames, and was known at Domesday, as Scepertone. Ambrose’s work is inspired by her surrounding environment and the thrill of ‘the find’. Her interest in history, no matter how contemporary largely stems from finding objects of significance, which may have been left disused or discarded. Her work is in private collections across Middlesex.
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Robert Anthony

Falling into four distinct styles, portraiture, commercial, stock and street photography, Robert Anthony's work fundamentally draws its inspiration from his extensive travels around the world. In this exhibition of works Robert Anthony displays his private, less commercial, street photography. Street photography is Robert Anthony's greatest passion. "I try to capture a single instance, touch or movement which makes a person unique. I often wait for hours in one place, much to the annoyance of my wife, just waiting for the 'right' moment." Anthony presently lives and works in Munich. His work is held in private collections and libraries and has been published throughout Europe.
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