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Toby Art

Having successfully worked as a freelance Graphic Designer within the fashion and music industries for the last four years, Tobyhead now produces work that reflects his own ideas and inspirations of contemporary urban living.
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Helena Aschbacher

Helena Aschbacher uses her long term memory to revisit her childhood. Helena experienced a particularly happy childhood which "filled her with memories to treasure for a life time". This sense of happiness is reflected in all her work and is echoed in their real sense of beauty. By translating particular memories and associated emotions into a visual language, Helena hopes to capture her memories and "freeze them in time".
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Frank Ash

Frank Ash was born in Scotland, UK and now lives and works in Bedfordshire. A self taught photographer, Ash began by studying its intrinsic techniques and the work of fellow photographers such ass Paul Foley, Leigh Preston and Chris Palmer, all of RPS. His great passion is landscape and he is instinctively inspired by natural light. His photographs are available as a limited edition prints on PermaJet art papers.
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Frank Ashcroft

Ashcroft's work hopes to comment on the notion of control and seeks to express man's eagerness to dictate and control others. "The images I have shown here are, in the broadest sense preoccupied with the notion of groups and individuals attempting to control the world around them, to fulfil their strongest and most elemental desires." Ashcroft's work capitalises on the immediacy of mark that digital technology can offer a draughtsman and allows him to retain a fresh and vibrant sense of humour, movement and energy throughout all his work.
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Nazik  Aslanyan

Born in 1977, Nazik Aslanyan lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia. His wide, blocked brush marks, combined with a vibrant and bold use of colour, are inspired by nature. "In my paintings I want to explore the most important feature of the Universe. I am trying to reach its essence. It is in everything: In the Sun, in flowers or trees, in all details of our life. Understanding of it is mean to reach a real happiness..." Nazik Aslanyan.
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Laurie Attwood

Inspired by the mysteries of the Universe, and her own journey through life, Laurie's work is of a spiritual nature, often challenging us to examine our beliefs about reality and why we are here. Using photography as the medium to capture elements of our physical world, the artist explores the hidden contours, textures and colours of her subjects, and, utilising a diverse set of digital tools, transforms them into abstract images that express the discoveries she has made on her journey.
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Vincent Au

Vincent Au was born in Hong Kong in 1977. From a very early age Vincent and his work received recognition, appearing on national television at the age of eleven. When he moved to London in 1990 Vincent Au began to focus on improving his draughtsmanship. His interest in drawing led to his passion for life painting and the human form, spending hours in the life room. Now in his late twenties Vincent Au's talent and understanding of the human form and how it relates spatially within an environment enables him to create these wonderful figurative paintings and drawings.
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Julie Balazs

Over the course of a number of years, Julie Balazs has worked in a variety of materials, from ceramics to oil painting. Presently specialising in photography her works reflects her passion for colour and light and hopes to question how it might affect our mood and well being.
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